23 Dec 2012

Femme Domme Fun week: Shoes, Sounds, Bootcamp Mistress

Monday 17th December 2012

What a week coming up to Christmas! So many kinksters, so much to do. Here's a montage of my week. I am such a lucky Domme!

Bootcamp Mistress 1 to 1 in Sydney Domain with Fitness slave:

New Heels:
Whoo whoo!                                               

New Flat Ended Sounds:

One slave bought me a lovely Jade necklace:


14 Dec 2012

Sydney Mistress shennanagins: Ballbusting with Mr Puny & Cross Dressing with Sarah

Friday 14th December 2012

What a week I've had.  Lucky me!!

C.D 'Sarah' returned Sydney side from the U.S.A and to celebrate we decided to 'have a girly afternoon' .  She bought her 'sexy' back!

Mr Puny also needed just 'a little bit more' of a pre Chistmas treat to tide him over the holiday season.  Kicking and Caning were on the menu, his balls were so swollen I dont know how he sat down later!

Ms Servalan kindly gifted me a school desk for my "Summer School Detention" classes.

{sigh}...Im such a lucky Domme.

11 Dec 2012

Mistress Anna introduces her new female submissive, Alice

Tuesday 11th December 2012

Alice, at 19 years old, this firey red head has the energy and sass to make you want to ‘play’ for hours. You’ll be the one begging for “Mercy”, as she stands before you at 5’8″,  a slender size 8, with smooth pale English Rose skin that cries out for your touch.  Alice loves Bondage, Nipple Play, Pussy Play, Strap On, Vaginal Penetration, Anal Play and she often deserves Over The Knee Spanking.  Her favourite play is Naughty Little Slut, and while down on her knees giving you a good Deep Throating her look of adoration and wanting to please you will win you over in the end.

Available only with Mistress Anna, please call to discuss a Duet Session that will get you 'hot and steamy'.


6 Dec 2012

Sydney Bootcamp Mistress 1 to 1 session in Sydney Gardens

Wednesday 5th December 2012

What better way to spend the afternoon but by exercising in the park?

My slave AWS and I power walked through the Botannical Gardens which had us slightly breathless, hot and sweaty (just the way I like it).

I decided I needed a fabulous view of the city, the Art Gallery of NSW and a nearby park bench {evil grin} to exercise by.

A circuit set of boxing, push up's, lunges and core stability made up out training session today.  It was just too tempting to use the riding crop on slaves' arse while he performed lunges.

I was in the mood for OTK Spanking but settled for bending AWS over the park bench and using my riding crop on his bottom and the occasional swipe with my boxing equipment.

So much fun in the sun! Happy Wednesday!!


Forced Fitness @ SPECTRUM: Bootcamp Mistress

Wednesday 28th November 2012

 Tonight my boys 'kicked ass'!

My Door Bitch "Irena" looked stunning as per usual in her PVC 'maid outfit'. She then stripped away to reveal her 'zesty green' leotard. Of course I had to add 'nipple clamps'...it wouldn't be the same really.
Bad 'Charlotte' pranced in, sporting a new sleek black outfit from 'Lorna Jane", very much improved co ordination and fitness from her first session, she tackled this Bootcamp well. I was impressed!!
Marlee and 'Z' took it all in their stride at this small but intense, 'initmate' Forced Fitness event. We had a few 'scaredy cats' cancel, but it just gave me more time to spank bottoms and use 'Z' as a stool when I needed a minutes' rest.

Skipping, Lunges, Step Up's, Chest Press, Tricep Dip's, Plank's, Crunches and a few more exercises, got us all 'hot' and bothered. But somehow Charlotte and 'Z' managed to end up receiving OTK Spanks for misdemeanors, they were so naughty!

I had a fabulous time, mixing B&D and fitness...SO GOOD


21 Nov 2012

Mistress Anna, 'Dirty Sally' and Braziliian slave

Sunday 18th November 2012

What a wonderful way to end the week, with my female sub 'Dirty Sally' and my Brazillian slave 'P'.
He was very nervous as she lead him in and undressed him, but he soon relaxed under my delicious Golden Shower, while I ordered him to play with his cock.

A sensual, sexy Tie and Tease followed and he wanted to grab Sally's heaving breasts, but alas couldn't as he was bound (naw..poor thing).  He had such a strong hard on while I played with his arse and Sally smothered him with her breasts, but my legs grew tired so I made him into a seat for myself and Sally dripped blood red candles on his chest.

I wanted to push his boundries so I forced him to help me tie Sally up in the swing and play with her Pussy and apply Clover Clamps to her nipples.  He was like a nervous rabbit! He was so gentle playing with Sally and in awe of her body that I took it upon myself to grip him from behind and force him to cum into my hand while we gazed at her.

We made a fabulous team.


14 Nov 2012

Sydney Mistress &Master tour Canberra

Wednesday 7th November 2012

Master Brendan and myself decided to 'check out' the action down in Canberra.

There certainly were alot of kinksters down there, which happened to brighten up the dreary weather.  Spanking, Strap On, Golden Showers and Smothering.  All in all they were a bunch of sluts!
....especially alot of  Anal Sluts ;)


2 Nov 2012

BDSM Femdomme Trample Mistress purchases new bar.

Friday 2nd November 2012

Oh goody!

I found this shiney metal bar at a local Adult Store on Oxford Street, Sydney.
Perfect for my Trample sessions, swinging above with my slaves under perfectly painted toes and soft feet.
Its maiden voyage will be on my South African slave 's'...lucky him!



29 Oct 2012

First 'Forced Fitness' event @ SPECTRUM

Sunday 28th October 2012

A small intimate turnout for Bootcamp Mistress @ SPECTRUM ment we could spend more “one on one” time Forcing Fitness onto our Athletic Kinksters.
We had varying levels of fitness from quite experienced through to first timers wearing outfits consisting of ‘head to toe” transformation to collars or just sporty attire.
Putting the Kinksters through their paces of high knees, skipping, lunges, squats, upper body and core work with body weight and Thero bands was all that bit more funner and challenging with a wee bit of B&D thrown in.
Irena did extremely well ,with her ’full’ outfit on and a chastity device attached.  Even though Charlotte found her steel collar a bit too heavy to run around with she did enjoy kicking up ‘her’ heels with her frou skirt on, as slave ‘A’ was given just a small taste of nipple tweaking and bottom spanking here and there.
The odd moan and groan was dismissed by Ms Silk and myself as we reminded them ‘that they wanted it’ and as a bonus Irena scored herself a nice treat of kissing Ms Silks’ perfect arse after ‘planking’ the longest during body core work.
A fun and healthy way to spend a Sunday afternoon, the first of many bent workouts!
Thank you everyone who attended for kicking off the first Forced Fitness event with BCM.


24 Oct 2012

Forced Fitness Fetish event @ SPECTRUM BAR, Sydney 28th Oct 2012

Wednesday 24th October 2012

A 'healthy dose of kink'..come kick it' with Mistress Anna . Sweating and heavy breathing compulsory. C'mon you fitness freaks!! www.bootcampmistress.com.au

An intense hour of 'Forced Fitness' incorporating all aspects of Fitness & Domination with Mistress Anna, "Bootcamp Mistress" in Sydney.
Mistress Anna will literally 'whip' you into shape (crop in hand) and 'kick ass' (sneakered foot) for all those 'lazy nay sayers' and subs.
She will help you help you unearth your '"inner strength" with combinations that will tone your body, increase your stamina and build your confidence.
A low impact functional and effective class which intergrates aerobic exercise, body weight strength, boxing, intervals, rope and much more!
A demanding but encouraging Bootcamp Mistress will make you feel and see results if you follow her instruction as she pushes you to your limit.
An exclusive bi-monthly event in an established, kink venue attended by those who appreciate the excellence of a professional Domantrix and the benefits of forced health and fitness. Mistress Anna will don her boot-camp cap with corset for an amazing experience in health and discipline like no other.
A circuit class environment with an optional sadistic edge. Over The Knee spanks and forced push-ups for naughty subs & sloths who don't complete tasks. Those deemed lucky will be rewarded with crunches that kiss Mistress Anna's divine arse. There are options tailored for all fitness levels. Bootcamp Mistress will push you physically based on your individual fitness levels.
Mistress Anna will make you work! Will make sweat! Will have you running in circles! Literally!
Submissives & 'lazy bums' alike can choose between Fetish or fitness dress (or both) however, underwear (at least a g-string) and sports shoes are mandatory. Please note that Fetish dress will not be provided at this event. BYO Collars and other Fetish wear.
Blood, sweat and tears..without the blood but definitely some tears
Contact “Boot Camp Mistress” Anna to book for her "Forced Fitness Fetish" event: Bootcamp Munch follows after.

18 Oct 2012

Bootcamp Mistress 1 to 1 Personal Training in Sydney

Thursday 18th October 2012

Another sweaty afternoon saw myself and male sub 'R' outside running the 'notorious' stairs in Potts Point. Skipping, push up's, tricep dip's, walking lunges and more!

Intense interrogation regarding water & food intake, diary keeping through out and any other 'secret' naughtiness that I might need to know about ;)

After extracting a confession of the consumption of 'Tiger' beer, I decided that one last 'run' at the stairs 2 at a time to the top.

Nice work today!

18 Sep 2012

Sydney Mistress & her Spanking Bench

Monday 17th September 2012

Slave Tom finished making my Spanking Bench and delivered it today! How excitement!

I thought Id better pay him in kind.  He is such a good boy!


9 Sep 2012

Mistress Anna's Femme Domme Fun: Non Conformist and rule maker

Sunday 9th September 2012

Having 10 years of experience in the Adult Industry has seen me develop into the woman and Dominatrix that I am today.

Across the board I have tried most possible avenues, as a Manager, Receptionist, Sales Assistant and Sex Worker in Bordellos, Massage Houses, Strip Clubs, BDSM and Adult Stores.

I am bored with people who are stuck in the past. Insisting D/s relationships (professional or personal) are a certain archaic way. YAWN!!

Yesterday I got called a "girl with a whip" I kindly corrected him and stated "Im a Whore with a whip", I get paid for my job.  Please use the correct terminology.

Being in charge of my own business allows me to make up my own rules, take it or leave it.

I assure you that my Bespoke Sessions are much more funner when we bend the rules together.

5 Sep 2012

Sydney Femme Domme Fun: Spring Specials!

Friday 31st August 2012

Spring is here! Sunshine, flowers blooming and happy smiling people.
Friday was a glorious day and even though it was officially Spring on the Saturday, I decided premature was just fine.  My Body Worship slave did such a great job that I treated him to my beautiful Japanese candles.

Saturday saw me in Detention as "Head Mistress Anna", scolding  naughty Mikey Smith yet again after I found him with a 'home made' strap.  I decided to give his bottom a good 'lashing' with it finishing off with OTK Spankings.  I also decided to wear a gift from Ms O' of Cuban Heeled Stockings with a red seam. {delightful}

Sunday was my day of rest and although I had had a slight headache earlier in the day, my brand new U.K Foot slave came to my rescue to comfort me and gave me something to 'really' dig my toes into.  My first weekend of Spring went well I thought!


28 Aug 2012

Sydney Mistress & her Sploshy slave

Wednesday 22nd August 2012

How much fun can a Domme have?

My Sploshy slave came to visit today.  He gifted me the rope & candles from Hebari @ Naturally Twisted.
He looked gorgeous prancing about in his Latex and we decided to dress him up in frilly pink knickers.
We neither 'sploshed' nor 'roped' today but had PLENTY of other naughtiness...

He's such a good boy!


21 Aug 2012

Sydney Bootcamp Mistress & Sissy Slut 'Lexie"

Wednesday 15th August 2012

A beautiful shining day in Newcastle saw this 'Mistress'  slip into "Noah's on the Beach" Hotel, incognito as "Bootcamp Mistress" .

I had a 'Sissy Slut' to put through her paces as she has been unable to leave her cock alone!
As I entered the hotel room I noticed her luxurious satin camisole, she looked very lovely.  I immediately handed her my 'Maid's Apron' and had her set about making me a cup of tea.   Sitting by my feet I made her recount her  misdemenours.

Over The Knee Spankings followed quickly, then a good Caning, ending with a good near Fisting.  I'm sure we may have gotten there this time but our time was cut short by a knock at the door from housekeeping. The mood was broken.

'Oh dear'!  Never mind, 'Lexie' will 'keep' until our next session.  Her red bottom kept her warm the whole drive home.

I slipped back out into the sunshine looking like the 'Sporty Mistress' I am, the hotel staff none the wiser.


12 Aug 2012

Femme Domme Fun with U.K Foot slave

Saturday 1th August 2012

What better way than to spend my Saturday morning inside having a delightful treat!  Every Dommes' dream!

Slave 'M' from the U.K came over to Worship & Adore my feet and legs, he did a particularly fine job kissing my ankles. He set the bar extremely high.

An eye for fashion and taste, he promises to lavish me me in D&G leather pants and fabulous stilletos!
Lets see how good his word is...


5 Aug 2012

BDSM Sydney Mistress enforces Corporal Punishment

Friday 3rd August 2012

G', a very experienced slave came to play today.

Im always quite impressed with the  level of pain he is able to withstand considering his age as an older slave and the fact he had a heart operation  just over a year ago.

But as usual, he's been naughty and trying his luck on the ponies.  He say's he needs to be taught a lesson as he's not doing as well as he should with them.  He said I should use the Riding Crop on his arse.  I happily oblige and I have a few other things I need to teach him and he happily submits.

Check out our fun afternoon on Friday!


29 Jul 2012

Sydney Dominatrix & Rope time trials with her German slave

Sunday 29th July 2012

My German 'kidnap' slave wanted to try something different in our last session before returning home to Germany.

He tied Ms O, I tied him and then timed them to see who could get 'free' with 3 minutes.  Unfortunately Ms O was bound too tightly, but my Geman slave has had quite abit of practice escaping and did so successfully.

Ms O sought her revenge and tied him and I tied her, then again with the time trial.  He won again.
Ms O and I decided we'd had enough of him trying to escape and for his 'going away' finale' we tied him extremely well to a chair while we sat back with glee and watched him struggle.  There was no escaping this time.

Much fun was had! See you soon!

Tschuss! (Goodbye)


26 Jul 2012

Femme Domme to enforce Chastity

Thursday 26th July 2012

My Sissy slut from Muswellbrook came to visit again last week. The poor dear can hardly keep his hands to himself.

I have threatened a Cock Cage but for the time being I am making him keep a daily journal of thoughts and such.  Lets see how much punishment will be needed by the time he has to visit again!  A warm reminder will help him for the trip home.


21 Jul 2012

Mistress Anna 'foils' intruders at her Playspace

Wednesday 11th July 2012

After returning home I realised that someone had broken into my Playspace.

I had a German intruder and his accomplice 'Ms O' going through my belongings!
Armed with spray & weponary I foiled their attempt of robbery.  I had them trussed up with my trusty rope while I waited for the Police to take them to the station and charge them. They tried time and again to free themselves but to no avail.

Will they never learn?  Naughty!


7 Jul 2012

Femme Domme Fun! Sploshy slave & Sexy sub

Saturday 7th July 2012

Lucky me! I had two delicious Players over recently for some 'afternoon delight!'.
Sploshy Slave Ian & a Sexy Sub came to play.  Sploshy and I had our way with her.  Starting with light Bondage, Spanking, Needles, Wax and Fireplay.  What a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Her cute red bottom certainly warmed up my hands.  I cant think of anything better!


3 Jul 2012

Girls from Fifty Shades of OZ interview Mistress Anna

Tuesday 3rd July 2012

It was great to speak with Jess & Sarah again from http://www.fiftyshadesofoz.com/ to give them a further insight into my lifestyle.  We went over a few of my BDSM interests in my Part Two Interview. I tend to forget that some of the activities I get up to on a daily basis are not what the majority of people do , both of the girls gave me a few raised eyebrows and puzzled looks.  There was so much to talk about and discuss in such a short time that I suggested that they Google a few of the interests at a later time while answering the remainder of the questions/ and or explaining what or how it is done. From A to Z in BDSM (not quite, but they researched a lot for their forum)

It was quite a fun interview with Sarah and Jess and I hope it was insightful for them and their readers.  I have given any reader from the http://www.fiftyshadesofoz.com/ site a special discounted rate and have Double Dared Jess & Sarah to bring their hubbys along for a 'Couples Introductory' session.
Watch this space and their site for  upcoming workshops in the Sydney CBD.

So much naughtiness, so little time...(sigh)

20 Jun 2012

Interview with Jess & Sarah: Sydney Girls about Town

Wednesday 20th June 2012
I had an Interview with Sarah and Jess, two ladies who have the Australian site for http://www.fiftyshadesofoz.com/.
Great to chat to them and let them have a peek into my life/style. If it educates more people about different kinds of kink then Im all for it. They also visited Violette Cici at Risque Boutique and wrote an article about that experience too. I offered them a session each with their spouses...heeehee.
That should spice these two girls from 'the burbs' up!

16 Jun 2012

Sploshing at May HELLFIRE with Mistress Anna & Friends

Saturday 16th June

At the May Hellfire in Sydney, I was lucky enough to have a Yummy Sploshing Session with some of my favourite Players: VioletteCici, Ms O, Dirty Whore Sally, Nawa Chou and -Zero:

Here's what we got up to:
Are you sweet enough my "Heavenly Treat"? Should I make you more delicious than you already are?  I'll have my way with you my "Petit Four and together we will raise, not just our cholestoral levels with every smear, lick and squish but also our temperatures.  With enough calories to induce a massive sugar rush and gain 5kg through osmosis and sight alone, I will make you my perfect indulgent delicacy, for my sharing pleasure.

Tonight is every Kinksters dream but tomorrow we start Bootcamp Mistress sessions!

Performing one to consume the other.



5 Jun 2012

Femme Domination: C.D in the Doghouse (literally)

Monday 4th June 2012

My Cross Dressing Sissy Slut needed a firm hand and some Obedience Training.
This is what happens when they dont listen....


27 May 2012

Sydney Mistress offers Body Maintenance Waxing

Sunday 27th May 2012

Mistress Anna’s Punishment Plan also encompasses Body Maintenance Waxing for those Bondage Slaves with an unnecessary Hair Fetish:  She likes her Bondage Slaves clean and tidy.

Warm 'Strip' Wax is used for most area's. 'Hot' wax can be used for smaller 'stubborn area's.

Body Maintenance for Bondage Slaves:
Back: 50
Shoulders: 25.00
Back & Shoulder: 65
Chest & Stomach: 60 
Arms: 45 / Underarm: 30
Neck: 20 or with another body part add 10
Legs: Full leg 75 / Half leg 50
Front /Sack 75
Crack: 30
Cheeks: 40
Cheek/crack: 60
Brazilian: 110
Full Body: 300
Brows, nose, ears, nipples, hands, side of face: 20

Punishment Plans available for Laser Treatment, Appearance Medicine and BDSM Sessions

Holding a Diploma of Exercise Science and Fitness Management as well as a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Massage, Mistress Anna has been engaged and self employed in the field of Health, Fitness and Beauty since 1991.  Her Fitness qualifications include Personal Training, Group Fitness and Aerobic instruction with Auckland Institute of Technology & Australian Fitness Network recognised by FISAF, A.I.F.  She also holds a current St John Senior First Aid & C.P.R.  Achieving her Beauty Therapy and Massage qualifications from Joyce Blok College in New Zealand, they are recognised internationally with CIDESCO & CIBTAC.

24 May 2012

Sydney Mistress enjoys her Sissy Sluts

Wednesday 23rd May 2012

What a glorious week I have had! Dressing my darling 'Sissy Sluts' up and then fucking their cute little bottoms with my Strap On and Fist.

Take a peek:


15 May 2012

Dangerously Decadent Dominatrix

Tuesday 15th May 2012

Are you sweet enough my "Heavenly Treat"? Should I make you more delicious than you already are?  I'll have my way with you my "Petit Four and together we will raise, not just our cholestoral levels with every smear, lick and squish but also our temperatures.  With enough calories to induce a massive sugar rush and gain 5kg through osmosis and sight alone, I will make you my perfect indulgent delicacy, for my sharing pleasure.

Tonight is every Kinksters dream but tomorrow we start Bootcamp Mistress sessions!

Performing one to consume the other.
Sploshing at May "HELLFIRE"