20 Jun 2012

Interview with Jess & Sarah: Sydney Girls about Town

Wednesday 20th June 2012
I had an Interview with Sarah and Jess, two ladies who have the Australian site for http://www.fiftyshadesofoz.com/.
Great to chat to them and let them have a peek into my life/style. If it educates more people about different kinds of kink then Im all for it. They also visited Violette Cici at Risque Boutique and wrote an article about that experience too. I offered them a session each with their spouses...heeehee.
That should spice these two girls from 'the burbs' up!

16 Jun 2012

Sploshing at May HELLFIRE with Mistress Anna & Friends

Saturday 16th June

At the May Hellfire in Sydney, I was lucky enough to have a Yummy Sploshing Session with some of my favourite Players: VioletteCici, Ms O, Dirty Whore Sally, Nawa Chou and -Zero:

Here's what we got up to:
Are you sweet enough my "Heavenly Treat"? Should I make you more delicious than you already are?  I'll have my way with you my "Petit Four and together we will raise, not just our cholestoral levels with every smear, lick and squish but also our temperatures.  With enough calories to induce a massive sugar rush and gain 5kg through osmosis and sight alone, I will make you my perfect indulgent delicacy, for my sharing pleasure.

Tonight is every Kinksters dream but tomorrow we start Bootcamp Mistress sessions!

Performing one to consume the other.



5 Jun 2012

Femme Domination: C.D in the Doghouse (literally)

Monday 4th June 2012

My Cross Dressing Sissy Slut needed a firm hand and some Obedience Training.
This is what happens when they dont listen....