30 Apr 2011

Femme Domme &Sploshy slave dominate female submissive

 Thursday 28th April 2011

Today my Sploshy slave and I had a treat! We like to mix it up and decided to find a young, willing submissive female to play with.
Sploshy slave looked fabulous and sexy dressed all in Latex from head to toe.
The little blonde subbie was cute with a cheeky smile, but during todays’ play was timid and shy- not her usual naughty self ;(.
Sploshy and I still had fun but it left me wondering if I need to take up Electro Play to get the little female subbie ‘kick started’ into action!
If she was a School Girl I would have Spanked her harder for NOT BEHAVING APPROPRIATELY IN CLASS!
Needs improvement ;)

28 Apr 2011

Sydney Dominatrix Spanks naughty student

Wednesday 27th April 2011
Naughty Mikey Smith was again caught playing with himself in the bathroom!
I bent him over and spanked him with my new wooden shower back brush. Two very rosey buttock cheeks later and alot of snivelling and crying made him think abou his actions!
After the long Easter weekend you would have thought he would have a least tried to be good on his first day back.
Naughty Boy!

23 Apr 2011

Femme Domme delighted with Easter treats!

Saturday 23rd April 2011

Such good slaves’, they have been bringing me treats for Easter.
Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum.
Maybe they bought me delicious treats instead of equipment so I wouldnt use said equipment on them during sessions?
No problem, I will always find something to use to make up for it!
Happy Easter!

Sydney slave ‘S’ celebrates Sydney Mistress’s new premises

Friday 22nd April

Slave ‘S’ & I celebrated my new premises today with extreme CBT & Nipple Torture. Facing tightly sprung bulldog clips on his cock, balls and nipples we then gently Sounded his cock before finishing with both of our favourite, Fisting.
Releasing the clips is always the fun part.
Sharp breath in!

20 Apr 2011

Sydney Mistress chooses Caning

Monday 18th April 2011
Slave James is always fun to session with! He is capable of very hard Corporal Punishment amongst other activities.
Due to work on Saturday he completely forgot one of our sessions – more reason to set to work on him with my Cane and then my Rubber Paddle and then the Cane and then the Rubber Paddle and then the Cane….heehee!
Nice Red bum. And Red hands. And Red feet.
My favorite colour.
Just enough time for Fisting, sharply followed by Needles.

16 Apr 2011

Sydney BDSM Mistress Happily Hogties Bondage Slave

15th April 2011
Imagine my happiness when I get what I want!
Me, a BDSM, Sydney Mistress getting exactly what she wishes for…
I held my breathe..
I blew out the candles…
He was a newbie, very accommodating.
Gently & with loving care I wiped the latex hood with silicone.
I tortured his Cock, Hogtied, Ballbusted and then with EXTENSIVE nipple play “devoured” him.
Poor thing!
He ‘wimpered' at the end

14 Apr 2011

Femme Domme & Foot Fetishist

Wednesday 13th April 2011
My UK Foot Fetish slave has been playing up again.
Touching himself with the thought of my sheer stockings teasing him. He has been fantasising about peeking upskirt and about my seamed stocking legs and polished toenails while he is beneath me.
He came over for a good Trample and Foot Fetish session.
How could he resist kissing, massaging and Worshipping my feet?
He couldnt.
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12 Apr 2011

Sydney Dominatrix administers OTK Spankings for Schoolboy

Tuesday 12th April 2011

Imagine my displeasure when little Mikey Smith was sent to me again for disobedience! Will he ever learn to be a good boy in class?
A stern telling off for talking back, disrupting class and throwing books. Later in the day Mikey was caught by the Janitor in the toilets, smoking and reading dirty magazines!
Asumming the position he bent over with hands on knees. Caning started the first part of his detention but it became obvious that severe Over The Knee Spanking was needed.
I continued until he cried “Mercy”.
Poor thing shouldnt get into so much trouble then!

7 Apr 2011

Femme Domme frustration, part two. "cry baby slave"

Thursday 7th April 2011

Imagine my frustration when a slave turns 'cry baby' for the whole session!
I think he had been given too special a treatment at a local bondage house prior to me, he said he had been there 3 times.  They must have been very nice to him
We discussed over the phone the session in detail.
He was late.
He forgot my address.
We sat and discussed the session in detail - activities agreed on, safe words to use.
He pretended to shower - I sent him back. Young men need training.
We started the session, he cried "Mercy' when I tried to collar him, he cried "Mercy' when I tried to cuff him, tie up his cock and balls and the rest. So scared and frightened.
Makes me wonder what he learnt at the last venue.

6 Apr 2011

Sydney Dominatrix and Naughty Upskirting slave

Wednesday 6th April 2011

My naughty slave is away on tour for work.  Indonesia then China.
Thoughts of Upskirting girls and peeking at lacey white knickers make concentation for his work difficult.
So he tells me... 
He needs help. 
He needs to see me.
He flys into Sydney at the end of the week for a brief visit.
Maybe I should remind him how to stay focused and punish accordingly in our next session?
OTK Spankings seem like the correction he may need.
Will it be enough?

3 Apr 2011

Femme Domme frustration

Sunday 3rd April 2011
Occasionally I get frustrated with foreign slaves when communication gets ‘lost in translation’.
Trying to understand the session that they want -or what they think they want and turning it into a reality can be challenging.
A recent French slave voiced that he wanted a Humiliation session with roleplay, trampling, face slapping, foot fetish, spitting, spanking etc. Even though we have a good talk about the session beforehand, it was soon obvious that it was ‘lost in translation’.
Whilst sessioning it was clear that he wasnt really ‘playing’ and kept trying to ‘top’ me from the ‘bottom’, whining ‘I dont like that’ or ‘I like this’..’I want you to be softer’ . At the end of the session we debriefed – even though I went through clear steps prior to play, the “Humiliation” session he wanted was too strong a term.
And again last night.
A Spanish slave communicated perfectly the session he was wanting but everything else was so difficult. Timing, pricing and locating my address was a challenge to him and at the end of the evening proved to be so challenging to me that I cancelled the session because he was lost ‘somewhere in the area’.
I suggested a local B&D house because their hours fit in with him more so that mine.
I have worked with hearing impaired, mentally and physically challenged people and am usually able to connect with most.
Maybe some sessions were not ment to happen…