23 Oct 2011

Sydney Dominatrix gives a FIG!

Sunday 23rd October 2011

How much fun do I have with my young little blonde Anal slut.! I love our sessions but he has been abit naughty.
I had to administer Over the Knee Spankings while making him clench ginger...aaww
I told you I gave a Fig! ;)

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22 Oct 2011

Sydney Femme Domme attends Sydney fashion show

Thursday 20th October 2011

Anticipation filled the air as Risque' Boutique in Kings Cross, held its first fashion show.

Limited tickets ment it was a very intimate event which began with a glass of bubbles to sip and sushi to knibble on.

All of the models looked stunning as they strutted their 'thang' down the walkway dressed in an array of beautifully shiny PVC, leather, costume and lingerie' outfits to delight and seduce us.

Some many differents outfits to choose from.  What was a girl to do?  Here was one of my favourites


16 Oct 2011

Sydney Femme Domme gifted money from 'ironingboard' slave

Sunday 16th October 2011

It began approximately a year ago when John called to tell me about his fantasy of becoming my 'ironing board'.  We scheduled a session after much discussion and nerves on his behalf.  One day out he had to cancel.  We tried to reschedule to no avail.

He called two or 3 more times during the year to make enquiries until he was ready to rebook last week.  He was to deposit the money into my account to ensure his genuineness, which he did.

With my crumpled washing, iron and ironing cover I was ready to be the perfect Mistress, adept in domestic household matters with my new found, sturdy 'ironing board' slave.

Again, his nerves got the better of him.  He gracefully' bowed' out several hours before the session.  Insisting that the tribute become a gift for all the time spent in organising and discussion.  I allowed him to reschedule within one week for the last time.  He again insisted that he was unable to 'go through with it' as it had all become too much.
I accepted his monetary gift but was disapointed that the session was not to proceed as I had been quite excited at the prospect.
And what was to happen with my ironing? ;(


15 Oct 2011

Sydney Mistress (re) trains slave

Saturday 15th October 2011
Slave james came for a session today.  He seems to have forgotten how to be a good slave.
First, he was late.
Then he knocked on the wrong apartment.
He stunk like cigarettes.
I immediately had him disrobe at the door and go straight into the shower to scrub.
I tied him to my new cage and set about with Hand Spankings, Paddling, the Cane, Rubber Paddle & Dragon Tail Whip.
It wasnt long before his little bottom was nice and red and he cried 'Mercy'.  He lasted longer than last time and I have a video to prove it!  Such a lot of work to retrain him after a long break. I hope he will remember for next time or watch out!
Watch this space, the video will be up soon.

11 Oct 2011

Sydney Fem Dominatrix loves sharp, pointy things..lucky slave!

Tuesday 11th October 2011
After running my usual  kinky errands, one of my slaves called in urgent need for his usual treatment.
He just needed a little 'tweek' to keep himself going..aawww


8 Oct 2011

Femme Domme Foot Wank Fun Day

Saturday 8th October 2011
Ingredients for a Fun Day:
Take 1x Femme Domme.:
Add 1x bent slave:
Foot Worship & Foot Wanking:
= smiles all around!


4 Oct 2011

Corporate Boss Anna 'retrains' employee with Corporal Punishment

Tuesday 4th Ocotber 2011

Employee slave 'd' has been doing a terrible job handling the new breif into this new financial quarter.
He is sent to me for his weekly review and 'retraining' session.
Coproral Punishment involving Spankings, especially Over the Knee, Paddles, Whip, Riding Crop and Cane.

His nice red rosey bottom and cries were testament to his attitude adjustment.  Lets hope he pulls his socks up for next weeks' review!


3 Oct 2011

Sydney Dominatrix restrains Sissy Slut & administers Golden Shower mouthwash

Monday 3rd October 2011

Sissy Slut Katie was sent to me today for such bad behaviour.  Where on earth does she learn these things!
She was caught performing indecent acts with 'older' High School Boys down the back field.

She entered my room looking quite demure but in her hand were the clothes she had had on previously.  I made her redress into them and then confess what she had been doing.

She presented to me wearing tarty crotchless stockings, black teddy lingerie and slutty 6 inch heels. She had been sucking cock, fingering herself and talking dirty.

I immediately restrained her and set about with her punishment.  Cock Tie, Nipple Clamps and Chop Sticks quickly quietened her pleas but after a while she was STILL snivelling.  She tried to please me by massaging my feet but did such a pathetic job it angered me further!

A loud verbal growling and Face Slapping finally did the trick to shut her up.  I laid her into the Sling and left her with some 'Time Out' to 'think about' her actions.

She didnt sound sorry enough when I questioned her again so I replaced the Nipple Clamps with Temp Piercing Needles and decided give her 'Arse' a fingering...just like the boys did.
She cried out for Mercy!
Her final punishment.
I washed out her Slutty Filthy mouth with a Golden Shower..better than soap;)
Rinse and Swallow: Good Girl!


2 Oct 2011

BDSM Sydney Mistress delivers strong Discipline

Saturday 1st October 2011
Its time for slave 's' to be given some strong Discipline.  He's been playing with himself again.  He needs to be pulled back into line and a sharp reminder is just what the ( Mistress ) Docter, ordered.
#1: Bulldog Clips to nipples
#2: Cock and Ball Tie
#3: 33F Pratt Urethral Sound
#4: Double Hand Fisting