29 Apr 2012

Mistress Anna's April Antics - SEXPO, Sissy Maids & more

April 2012

How I missed blogging about all my naughty shennanigins in April but I was very very busy!  I moved into a much bigger and more modern Playspace and have been Touring up and down the coast.
Here's what I got up to:

Sydney Sexpo:
Dogboy Flogging Patrick, his first time;

Hebari tied Berenice then Dogboy Spanked her:

Nipple Torture with slave steve:  Bitey!

Sissification session with Ms O and Sissy Maid Laura: Frou, Stockings and Spankings for this naughty Maid!

Mistress Anna's handy household slave

Monday 5th March 2012

My little Sissfied Slut helped me today....
I needed a peg holder whilst doing the washing! (naaww)