19 Apr 2016

Twisted Sisters Fitness Revolution

Summon your inner Twisted Sister and get ready to transform
A revolution takes 6 weeks to create a whole new way of being and living. It’s a simple philosophy that draws together your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental practice with your daily life.
This practice will teach you to tune into sensations in your body and move in unison with your breath. You will learn to regulate and calm difficult emotions, rather than repress them through destructive behaviours and thought patterns. Learn to experience self-love by rediscovering this feeling of being ‘at home’ in your body and mind.
How does it work?
This 6 week course involves a weekly workshop followed by a Vinyassa Yoga Class, a Core & Stretch Class with Meditation and a Circuit Training Class with Meditation per week. You will also learn Nutrition, Pranayama Breathing and Journaling.
You'll practice 3 classes each week in the studio, practice one of that weeks’ class at home, practice 2 outdoor activities of choice, take a day of active rest, and keep a personal diary to record the process. The classes are held in Camperdown beginning on Sunday 15th May.
When do we start?
Our meetings begin on the first weekend. You'll meet Mistress Anna and fellow Twisted Fitness Sisters, set intentions and commit to your journey. During each week of the Fitness Revolution, Mistress Anna will guide you through a particular theme, starting with ‘Yoga Foundations’. It includes posture, alignment and poses followed by the Yoga Class. Each following weekend we'll meet to talk about your progress and any challenges you're having and prepare for the week ahead..
What do I bring?
A water bottle, towel and a blank diary for your journaling. Wear loose comfortable sport clothes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class.
Even if you are having a bad day and are extremely tired, still show up. Mistress Anna will have an alternative restorative exercise or meditation for you instead.
How much is it?
The six week course costs $300 per person in advance via this link:
Or 3 payments of $110 via this link:
You will receive 18 exercise classes, 6 workshops to guide you through this transformation and the tools to learn nutritional, meditation and self awareness practices. Yoga mats and equipment will be provided
The class numbers are limited so each class member has sufficient attention for maximum gains.
Yoga Essentials Workshop: First weekend
Nutrition Workshop: Second weekend
Pranayama Breathing Workshop: Third weekend
Guided Meditation Workshop: Fourth weekend
Self Awareness & Karma Yogi Workshop: Fifth weekend
Alternative Practices Workshop: Sixth weekend
This course is designed especially for beginners in mind as Mistress Anna teaches fundamental foundations which are the basis for any practice. Modifications for intermediate and advanced students are optional during the class.
Vinyassa Yoga~ A traditional Flow class that helps you find Mindful Movement, and concentrates on the process of creating, moving and releasing energy.
Circuit Class~ A low impact, functional, effective circuit class, integrating aerobic exercise, body weight and strength.
Core & Stretch~ A Yin Yoga based class with slow, strong, deep movements intertwined with some Pilates, to create strong Core and flexible forms.
The classes are held at the venue Q2DANCE is located at 1/107 Parramatta Road, Camperdown and has the following facilities:
Fully air conditioned, mirrors, polished floors with underlay, Ladies and Men bathrooms, change rooms, street parking, WIFI, storage shelves for belongings.

16 Sep 2015

Personal Training Transformation the Femme Domme Way ~Vanilla or BDSM: “Being Bad Never Felt So Good

One to One Personal Training: Mainstream
One to One Boot Camp Clients can choose from either mainstream training or Forced Fitness sessions.
Mistress Anna knows she can help you change your life with her one-on-one approach designed to get real results.
Whether your goal is weight loss, boosting energy levels, gaining strength, fitness training or simply feeling better about yourself, Mistress Anna will 'kick start' you to help you get where you want to be with the education, motivation and inspiration that you need.
With one-on-one training, the focus is on you, whether it is outdoors or in her intimate Play Space, Mistress Anna will make sure you receive the exercise, nutrition and coaching sessions you need to succeed. She requires 100% dedication but commit to her Femme Domme guidance and you will worship the ground she walks on when you achieve results. Mistress Anna will tailor your personal healthy eating and exercise program taking into account your specific goals, exercise preferences, health requirements, current conditions and lifestyle.
This Dominatrix will design your tailored programme into short-term achievable goals to make it easy for you to get constant success.
One to One Personal Boot Camp Training (30 min @$50 or 45 min @$75)
Forced Fitness BDSM Boot Camp: BDSM
Do you have to be forced to exercise? Do you long to have someone strong motivate you to get the fitness results you want? The fitness results you NEED? Incorporating aspects of Domination and submission with fitness.
Join Mistress Anna's Forced Fitness sessions for 'Slave Training & Fitness'. Slaves will be 'collared' for the duration, attention will be focused toward more D/s 'protocol' before, during and after the fitness class to better teach 'willing' participants the benefits of fitness, whilst in a D/s 'structured' circuit class.
For all those who need the motivation and "forced" submission to exercise for better health and well being. A low impact, functional, effective circuit class, which integrates aerobic exercise, body weight, strength, boxing with an OPTIONAL sadistic edge but non negotiable protocol and exercise. Blood, sweat and definately some tears.
One to One Forced Fitness Fetish. A combination of fitness and fetish.(45min @$125)
Boot Camp Clients will purchase a package of 4, 6, or 10 sessions which are pre paid via bank transfer or cash to Mistress Anna's Training Consultancy when you have your complimentary consultation.