Saturday, 15 March 2014

Femme Domme Fun February!

February 2014
I was soooo busy having too much fun that I forgot to write it all down! Lucky me.
I presented an "Anal Play" workshop at UBER at the beginning of the month.
Over Valentines weekend I was asked to present my Boot Camp Mistress sessions, a CBT and a Humiliation workshop at the Hong Kong Kink Convention. It was great fun to stay with Decima on 'The Peak", I attended Milla Reika's suspension class and tied up a lovely sub, I was introduced to Morpheous - a Canadian Rigger who is very much larger than life and we all were gifted these lovely 'Presenter's Packages". So many great people there witha fantastic vibe!

February HELLFIRE in Sydney saw me Suspend & Splosh my performance partner, it was great to tie him up with such a large audience cheering us on. I must say that it was the Funnest February Ive had!


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sydney Domme captures slave!

Wednesday 27th November 2013
I love, love, love it when boys cant get away!


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Femme Domme Fun! Bespoke photoshoots available

Thursday 21st November 2013
Another fun day for MistressAnna Anderson with her Sploshy slave!
Thank you for capturing these amazing shots Hayden Anderson.
Private bespoke photo shoots available with myself for those 'dying' for their own kinky memories.
PM me for more details.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sydney Mistress enjoys Femme Domme Fun!

Sunday 15th September 2013
A brilliant way to spend my Sunday!
Boot Camp Mistress sessions with slave AWS, followed by rope lessons with Avalon.  A relaxed rope session with my rope model Vas then a Deep Tissue  massage to round off a perfect day! Lucky me!!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Femme Domme Fun in August!

30th August 2013
So much going on this month!
My D/s Boot Camp Mistress Training Sessions have been keeping my slaves hot, sweaty and fit!  So funny to see them exercising with cock ties and pegs on their nipples ;)
Another great night out at Hellfire - I also got my wish of a "pony" he is such a good boy!
Plenty of Sissy slut Training Sessions, Anal Play, Golden Showers, Needles, Sounds and more..Im such a lucky Domme!
bound now2

Monday, 29 July 2013

Sydney Dominatrix enjoys a busy July!

Monday 29th July 2013
OMG! Such a busy month!  So much kinky fun to pack into each day!
I love treats! sub 'chastised loser', very kindly gave me a lovely tribute of "medical treats" that I can use for either "medical play" or Beauty Therapy.  He has also been of useful service around my house = fixing up odds and ends, waxing my Cross and water blasting the space I am using for "D/s submit & exercise" classes.  Such an excellent service sub.
Medical treats
My BDSM Boot Camp group, "Kinkster's Keeping Fit" have been in training for the Sydney, City2Surf fun run. It is held on Sunday 8th August 2013 and our group has raised approx $720.00 for our chosen charity ACON.  Our sponsors are: Risque' Adult Boutique,  House of Fetish, Blake's Pharmacy, Eagle Leather, Piercing HQ, Ansell and Escorts & Babes.  The B&D community has been amazing by donating toward it.  A big thank you to MJ's Toys, Chains, MAst, the Sydney Dommes & subs group, Melbourne sub circle.  Not to mention quite a few individual donations=thank you!
I ran another successful Boot Camp Mistress "Forced Fitness" circuit. See video: at the beginning of the month.
I have decide to make a new class : "D/s submit and exercise".
It is to be held at "The Command Center" on alternating Monday and Wednesday nights.
#Incorporating aspects of Domination and submission with fitness.Join Mistress Anna, "Boot Camp Mistress" for an intense hour of “slave Training & Fitness'.  A small and intimate group, allows Mistress Anna more time to concentrate on individual slaves, target problem areas and re correct.  Slaves will be ‘collared’ for the duration and each receive a mat, towel and drink bottle to use during the class.Attention will be focused toward more D/s ‘protocol’ before, during and after the fitness class to better teach ‘willing’ participants the benefits of fitness, whilst in a D/s ‘structured’ circuit class. For all those who need the motivation and “forced” submission to exercise for better health and well being.A low impact, functional, effective circuit class, which integrates aerobic exercise, body weight strength, boxing, intervals and rope with an OPTIONAL sadistic edge but non negotiable protocol and exercise.Boot Camp Mistress will push you physically based on your individual fitness levels and offers higher or lower options. An exclusive weekly event at "The Command Center", attended by those who appreciate the excellence of a professional Dominatrix and the benefits of forced health and fitness. #
Ive been also attending the Sydney Rope Dojo more frequently and also having private lessons with Avalon, -Zero and Hebari in the art of Shibari style rope.
So much good times!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Sydney Femme Domme fortnight of fun!

Sunday 30th June 2013
What a fabulous fortnight it's been!  A lovely gift from a grateful sub! I love flowers and body creams! Hooray!

Tonight was dinner and kinky conversations with Ms Fetish 2013 & Ms CJ Blue.
Cross Dressing sub "katrina" needed a good Flogging & Waxing session. Such a naughty little slut, she keeps touching her cock too much!

Service sub "chastised loser' helped me modify my Humbler. It tightens sooo much tighter now {mwah ha ha}

Friday 28th was another fantastic Sydney Hellfire event where we danced the night away and perved at the beautiful kinksters all getting bent!  The lovely Vesper White entertained us with her 'smokin, sultry, burlesque performance.
Shibari Rope lessons @ Sydney Rope Dojo had my rope bottom tied up in a beautiful "Takate Kote" tie.

Wednesday 26th was another phenomenal "Boot Camp Mistress" Forced Fitness circuit @ many sweaty bodies, so little time! Visit for more details.
One naughty sub needed a abit of a sharp reminder to stop touching his cock too much!

I got another chance to use my favourite "Rivet Sounds" on another very willing sub.

Just enough time to squeeze in some chastity with a CB6000, and a Golden Shower to clean another sub off.

Wow! So much to do and so little time, but what a great time it was!!