30 May 2011

Sydney Femme Domme ‘Fun Day” -Shabari

Monday 30th May 2011

Great fun was had yesterday thanks to Hebari accompanied by Kinkprincess!
A fun afternoon of Shabari rope practicing went on while the winter weather set in on us.
Little Miss Bondage was the perfect practice rope bunny ;) and the calm, relaxed atmosphere in which to learn was great!
Loads of subbies going off to subspace and the many BDSM variables made for good interesting conversation.
Did ‘Minuszero” mention a blowtorch? Or was it cuddles?
Im glad to do it all over again, next week.
See you there!



29 May 2011

Sydney Dominatrix and slave 'c' Corporal Punishment

Sunday 29th May 2011

Slave 'C' came over nice and early this morning for some well deserved Corporal Punishment.
He tells me that he has been having naughty thoughts about me.
He also arrived 20 minutes late!  How DARE he!
I marched him straight upstairs, derobed him and had him bent over in several easily accessable positions from then on.
Caning ruled the day, closely followed by OTK Hand Spanking and my trusty thick rubber paddle {evil grin} to help finish him off, with its nice weight and sound.
He cried that he WILL NEVER be late AGAIN.
...I wonder if he dare disobey?


25 May 2011

Sydney Pro Domme tours Newcastle

Monday 21st May 2011

A naughty Newcastle schoolboy appeared at my door today.  Traditional Coporal Punishment was required to remind him of his behaviour and how it was unacceptable.
His cries were heard through out the building, he was embarrassed that the others may tease him for being a cry baby.
...well, he shouldnt be so disobedient then!


21 May 2011

Femme Domme photoshoot for website

Thursday 19th May 2011

Thursday night was planned for a photoshoot for my website.  I had the help of a few friends to make it all happen.
Hebari professionally directed me, "French Femme" switch and my Sploshy slave into the various shots that I had had in mind and made them come alive with his experienced 'eye' before shooting us.
Sploshy slave looked very slim and sexy dressed from head to toe in Latex.
Then "French Femme" switch was next on the agenda with her Frou Frou, tight Corset and very sexy accent.
Kinkprincess was there for support, advice and for great company ;)
It was a great little get together.  Watch here for some preview shots!
Thanks to everyone, you all made it fun!

18 May 2011

Sydney Dominatrix on ‘Tour’ finds Caning Slut along the coast

Wednesday 18th May 2011
I toured up the coast to visit a friend and session at her Dungeon.
A very masochistic slave begged me to Cane his arse until my heart was content.
Breaking up the session with CBT, Nipple Play and Strap On Anal, I kept getting drawn back to the Cane.
It was a pleasure to hear him murmer “I love it so much, Mistress, thank you” as I brought each stroke down.
Interdispersed with a rubber paddle, the thick rectangular marks and thuddling were perfectly balanced with the finer lined strokes and “Swoosh” of the Cane through the air.
Monday’s along the Coast will have to be a permanent feature on my Tour.
So much fun!
It must be the sea air.


Femme Domme forces Sissy Slut to suck Cock

Friday 13th May 2011

What a nice visit from ‘Sissy Slut J’. She flew in all the way from New Zealand.
Nice to hear a Kiwi accent pleading with me as I dressed her in Stockings and Knickers and then made her suck my Strap On.
She hardly moved a muscle with the Nipple Clamps but tears welled up in her eyes as she gagged during Deep Throating.
An extremely passive, gentle and softly spoken submissive.
I thoroughly enjoyed Sounding her and then Fingering her arse.
She has a tight little passage so I was unable to get all of my hand inside (this time).
I was quite annoyed when the little Bitch didnt come for me when I commanded.
Lets put this one down to nerves.
Not so lucky next time!

11 May 2011

BDSM Mistress & slave ‘S’: afternoon cock fight fun!

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Hee hee..slave ‘S’ and I had some fun today.
As soon as he entered the room I made him Deep Throat my huge Strap On Cock.
Then while he had nice shiney Bulldog clamps on his nipples and balls, dangling a 2.5kg gym plate which swung from around his cock and balls, we had a little sword fight with our cocks.
I made sure my cock hit against the clamps a few times just for good measure :)
We followed it with orgasmic Sounding while I fucked his arse with my Strap On. I tried to Fist his arse too but he was unusually tight and i could only get four fingers in.
No matter because he came when I told him to as I caressed his cock and fucked his arse.
I wonder how long it will take before all the blood returns to his nipples and the clamp marks fade…..heehee.


7 May 2011

Sydney Dominatrix celebrates 'Slave Day'

Friday 6th May 2011

Yes, we were at it again! Hee hee!
Myself and Mistress Tara held our Annual ‘Slave Day’ on Friday along with guest Mistresses and unworthy slaves.
Slave ‘J’ needed to be shown how to shower properly after presenting himself not as clean as Mistress Tara and I like.
After a Golden Shower from me then a rinse with cold water, Mistress Silk set upon him with a pot scrubber and soaped out his mouth {evin grin}.
He’ll learn, even if it is THE HARD WAY.
Mistress Tara’s Chastity Slave ‘H’ was a sight to see with his enormous padlock. She decided after an ill request for the right to hold his own key, he had better learn who is charge of what – the Tower OF Evil was presented to his nipples.
Mistress Tara’s much loved Needle work was a beautiful sight to see on one slave while I made my own lovely Candle Wax patterns on another slave’s cock.
When one slaves’ cock didnt behave properly, we wrote on it with waterproof marker to remind him.
Slave girl “M’ help me ‘shock’ another poor slave on the bum cheeks and calf muscles – we laughed at his dancing style (or lack of).
Some naughty slaves arrived with empty stomachs, so we thought we’d better feed the poor dear’s – we’d hate to see them faint before we had the chance to finish tormenting them.
Whimpering and cries of ‘Mercy’ we heard into the early evening.
Such a pleasant sound to my ears and a wonderful way to finish our May, “Slave Day”

5 May 2011

Femme Domme angers when Fabio misbehaves

Thursday 6th MAy 2011

I caught slave Fabio looking at dirty porn dvd’s and sniffing a pair of my knickers that he had stolen from the washing basket!
His belligerent behaviour had me delivering Spankings after I Wrestled him to the floor.
He failed to submit and ignored my request to obey, I wielded my Riding Crop but he continued angering me so much I threatened to beat him with my new Cane over my Spanking Bench.
Submission followed shortly afterwards.
Lucky for him!

3 May 2011

Sydney Mistress "Corporate Boss" wrestles staff to ground

Tuesday 3rd May 2011

"Corporate Boss" Mistress Anna was in 'The Office' today due to an unreliable pathetic staff member.
Sam hasnt been coping with the heavy work load and demanding schedule.
He has been late, fallen behind with his marketing department projects and generally has been doing a terrible job.
"Corporate Boss" Anna had to make him see the error of his ways or he will end up losing his job.
Pathetic pleading from him fell on unsympathetic ears until eventually 'Boss' Anna had had enough. 
Wrestling him to the ground she pinned the patheic staff member to the ground so he would remember who is in charge.
Delivering spankings he 'yelped' in pain, so she ballgaged him and cuffed his wrists while she finished the job.
He'll tow the line at work from now on or face 'Boss' Anna's wrath.