30 Aug 2011

Sydney Mistress Smothers slave..can you breathe?

Saturday 27th August 2011

Young Jake came to visit on Saturday.  He's been having naughty thoughts again and needed Redirection and Orgasm Control.
I started with light Bondage on wrists and cock before teasing his Arse with my fingers and Dildo. He admitted to still having depraved thoughts so I thought I might Smother them out of him.
He did do what he was told in the end and came when I asked him to.  It was that or pass out from Oxygen deprivation.

Good Boy, Wel Done!

19 Aug 2011

Sydney Dominatrix and Melbournite slave

Thursday 18th August 2011

What an afternoon!

Slave 'j' came to visit all the way from Melbourne, he needed teaching a lesson.

Warming up with Corporal Punishment of Spanking, Caning and Flogging teamed with Cock and Ball Torture including  Pegs, Humbler and Nipple Clamps  we finished with relaxing Anal Play.

A lesson he wont forget in a hurry  especially when he goes to sit down...how long is the trip to Melbourne?


6 Aug 2011

Athletic Sydney Mistress &"Speed Ball' Ball Busting

Saturday 6th August 2011

Sporty Mistress came out to play today & Mr Punycunt and I had FUN!
Warming him up with sport socked feet then running shoes, we quickly progressed into the Main Event, “SPEED BALL” Ball Busting.
As my trusty boxing gloves delivered blow by blow, I felt like Stallone in ‘Rocky’ warming up in the gym.
Punycunts’ balls moved just as quick as the real speed balls’ too.
We interdispered with a skipping rope, hand & bar weights and a Fit Ball but Punycunt was eager to continue being a punching “Speed Ball” bag lying down.
I delivered uppercut after uppercut but the grand finale was Punycunt standing while I bare knuckle boxed him.

What a workout for us both!

5 Aug 2011

Sydney Domme & Bathurst slave 'M'

Friday 5th August 2011

My Bathurst slave ‘M’ is off to the U.S.A.
He had to visit before he left or he wouldnt last.
OTK Spankings, a touch of Wax & Anal Play seemed to satisify both of us.
Lets hope he keeps his hands to himself on the long flight over or it will be OTK and double Spankings for him when he returns!

4 Aug 2011

Sydney BDSM Mistress & SLPA Fireplay workshop

Diesel was the designated ‘Bunny’ who (gladly) let us watch as John and Daddy ‘K’performed their magic on her willing flesh.

A smidge of Waxplay & a Cutthroat Razor got my attention (refer to sharp, shiney metallic anything).
The grand finale being John (the Pyrotechinc) giving us a beautiful outdoor display on another willing ‘Bunny’, a shower of golden sparkles adorned his back against the black night of Sydney.

Thank you for the great night SLPA and everyone who attended.

No Bunnies were singed during the time of the workshop ;)