6 Aug 2011

Athletic Sydney Mistress &"Speed Ball' Ball Busting

Saturday 6th August 2011

Sporty Mistress came out to play today & Mr Punycunt and I had FUN!
Warming him up with sport socked feet then running shoes, we quickly progressed into the Main Event, “SPEED BALL” Ball Busting.
As my trusty boxing gloves delivered blow by blow, I felt like Stallone in ‘Rocky’ warming up in the gym.
Punycunts’ balls moved just as quick as the real speed balls’ too.
We interdispered with a skipping rope, hand & bar weights and a Fit Ball but Punycunt was eager to continue being a punching “Speed Ball” bag lying down.
I delivered uppercut after uppercut but the grand finale was Punycunt standing while I bare knuckle boxed him.

What a workout for us both!

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