19 Feb 2012

Kidnapper Anna & Sissy Slut, damsel in distress

Sunday 19th February 2012

Just like a bad train robber movie, 'Evil Kidnapper' Anna had taken 'Sissy Slut' Stephanie hostage.

The poor damsel in distress was Bound, Spanked, Blindfolded and Forced to Orgasm into her own Stockings which then gagged her from crying out.

She tried to complain that the Rope was tight and her arm was falling asleep but it only made Anna more cross! Was it a ploy to escape?

She looked so pretty standng there with her new red lingere, auburn hair and pretty makeup that Anna just had to steal her away!

She'll soon  learn..sometimes pretty hurts.


18 Feb 2012

Sydney Mistress & Cry Baby slave

Saturday 18th February 2012

Slave 'R' came to visit today.

Full of complaints and whining!! He knows how I HATE THAT!
He started to cry and grumble when I asked him to get into my swing so I could fuck his arse with my Strap On.  I had to Ballgag him to quieten him and then decided to lie him on the floor and just Spank his complaining arse!

That did the trick!


16 Feb 2012

Femme Domme memories: Sploshing slave @Hellfire, Sydney

Wednesday 15th February 2012

Fond memories of January Hellfire with my Sploshing slave.

He'd been so good recently, I decided he was allowed to come out and have some fun.
After watching some live performances, dancing to guest Dj's and relaxing on the lounge watching Hebari rope some bunnies, we snuck off for a few minutes for a cheeky bit of Splosh action.

I mean, how much fun can a girl get?


9 Feb 2012

Femme Domme Fun @ Rope Dojo: Hebari & Naturally Twisted

Thursday 9th February 2012

Another great workshop tonight led by Hebari of 'Naturally Twisted'.
-Zero and Avalon were there helping to teach all of us bent kinksters.

The main concentration was to be more relaxed and fluid with the rope and I especially enjoyed the end of the workshop when we practiced Futomomo' (Fat Leg).

My 'Bunny', Eyetalker seems to love every minute!