16 Sep 2015

Personal Training Transformation the Femme Domme Way ~Vanilla or BDSM: “Being Bad Never Felt So Good

One to One Personal Training: Mainstream
One to One Boot Camp Clients can choose from either mainstream training or Forced Fitness sessions.
Mistress Anna knows she can help you change your life with her one-on-one approach designed to get real results.
Whether your goal is weight loss, boosting energy levels, gaining strength, fitness training or simply feeling better about yourself, Mistress Anna will 'kick start' you to help you get where you want to be with the education, motivation and inspiration that you need.
With one-on-one training, the focus is on you, whether it is outdoors or in her intimate Play Space, Mistress Anna will make sure you receive the exercise, nutrition and coaching sessions you need to succeed. She requires 100% dedication but commit to her Femme Domme guidance and you will worship the ground she walks on when you achieve results. Mistress Anna will tailor your personal healthy eating and exercise program taking into account your specific goals, exercise preferences, health requirements, current conditions and lifestyle.
This Dominatrix will design your tailored programme into short-term achievable goals to make it easy for you to get constant success.
One to One Personal Boot Camp Training (30 min @$50 or 45 min @$75)
Forced Fitness BDSM Boot Camp: BDSM
Do you have to be forced to exercise? Do you long to have someone strong motivate you to get the fitness results you want? The fitness results you NEED? Incorporating aspects of Domination and submission with fitness.
Join Mistress Anna's Forced Fitness sessions for 'Slave Training & Fitness'. Slaves will be 'collared' for the duration, attention will be focused toward more D/s 'protocol' before, during and after the fitness class to better teach 'willing' participants the benefits of fitness, whilst in a D/s 'structured' circuit class.
For all those who need the motivation and "forced" submission to exercise for better health and well being. A low impact, functional, effective circuit class, which integrates aerobic exercise, body weight, strength, boxing with an OPTIONAL sadistic edge but non negotiable protocol and exercise. Blood, sweat and definately some tears.
One to One Forced Fitness Fetish. A combination of fitness and fetish.(45min @$125)
Boot Camp Clients will purchase a package of 4, 6, or 10 sessions which are pre paid via bank transfer or cash to Mistress Anna's Training Consultancy when you have your complimentary consultation.

1 Jul 2015

Femme Domme Tea Party – Kinky Kupcakes for RSPCA Day 9 August

Help raise money to help fight animal cruelty (while enjoying some cruelty of your own)!
The gorgeous Mistresses of the Dommes & subs munch have volunteered their time and expertise to beat down animal cruelty – and any willing supplicants too!
Join in the fun, all for a good cause!
A donation of $50 will get you as many cupcakes as you like, an endless supply of tea PLUS 20 minutes with one of our amazing Dommes indulging in some of your favourite activities. Make your selection from the list below:
Service sub
Foot slave
Spanking slave
Pet play – Puppy, Kitten, Pony
Flogging slave
Foot stool
Bondage slave
If you’d like to play more – pay more! Add additional time and activities for just $40.
In addition to private play time, there will be even more fabulous parlour games and maybe even some sploshing ^_^
This is a fundraiser, so any profit from the afternoon is donated straight to the RSPCA. All donations over $2.50 are tax deductible, and if you’d like a receipt for tax purposes, just let us know. Funds go to the RSPCA to keep inspectors on the road, and for desexing, toys, boarding costs and emergency surgeries.
Come along and enjoy day of kinky fun for both Dommes and subs and help animals in need. Also – CUPCAKES!!!!
SUNDAY, 9 AUGUST, 1-5 pm @ The Rose Centre ~Newtown
Join us for this great opportunity to open your heart, wallet, and maybe even your legs!!
To RSVP, please email Mistress Anna on mistress@mistressanna.info
Payment details will be provided in a separate email along with more details.foot photoshoot

23 Jun 2015

Bootcamp Mistress 1 to 1

Taken earlier today during a 1 to 1 session. We went shopping at Max Black for this lovely collar. See you tomorrow for ‪#‎forcedfitness‬ boot camp &‪#‎kinkyyoga‬./
Be there or be (inflexible) square!
“Forced Fitness 1-1 Boot Camp ' collar motivation' #bdsm #femmedomme #collar”

22 Jun 2015

Sydney Mistress enjoys slave testimonial

Friday 19th June 2015
Kind words in an email from a slave after a fabulous session:
Quote 'A truly amazing and memorable experience. You have the gift of gaining someone's trust very quickly whilst enslaving them totally'.
....naaw shucks !

29 Apr 2015

Fond Femme Domme memories~Shibari

Wednesday 29th April 2015
Fond memories down by the ocean~
R: Precipice Mallum
P: Basix

23 Apr 2015

New premises & location for Mistress Anna's kinkcentric "The Rose Centre"

Wednesday 22nd April 2015
Very excited!
Finally my new premises in Newtown will be opening in early May.
More Boot Camp, Yoga, 1 to 1 sessions and Meditation classes ( both mainstream & Forced Fitness D/s) will be available for the Kink Community to come along and join in. I will be joined by several other qualified fitness Kinksters to take these classes with a timetable TBA.
I will continue to conduct my 'Fifty Shades of Fantasy' workshops for small intimate groups and I am introducing " 1 to 1 private workshops" for couples who  can then stay and play in my Playspace with their new found skills. Workshops will be run, by various Kink groups in the community so be sure to keep an eye out.
If you have any questions, ideas or want more information please contact me: mistress@mistressanna.info
Visit www.asecretforanna.com for The Rose Center or www.mistressanna.info for BDSM sessions
Photograph of Mistress Anna

Welcome to The Rose Centre

The Rose Centre is a kink-centric facility offering a total health experience where body, mind and spirit are nurtured in an accepting atmosphere supportive of the needs of the kink community. It offers Workshops, Personal & Group Fitness Training, Nutrition & Food Counselling, and Body Waxing. Soon to be available are Chiropractic & Life Coaching services.
The Rose Centre is the vision of Sydney Sex Educator - Mistress Anna, a Sydney based Dominatrix. Mistress Anna brings to this centre a decade of professional experience in the area of alternative sexuality and the Adult Industry. She is a qualified Personal Trainer as well as being a Beauty Therapist.
Mistress Anna has always believed that a holistic approach to life enables us to lead balanced and fruitful lives. As a result her Boot Camp Mistress session's have become popular within the BDSM community as a kink friendly way to improve fitness. With 15 years experience of Fitness, Body Maintenance & Waxing sessions she can ensure that new found fitness and self esteem is achieved and maintained. The Rose Centre also offers Yoga classes and 'in house' Health and Nutrition support through the catering company 'Love Food'.
Mistress Anna has wide experience of presenting workshop's for the kink community. Her engagement's include, Uber, Sydney Xplore Festival, Sydney Leather Pride and in Hong Kong at The Hong Kong Kink Convention.
Mistress Anna facilitates workshops tailored to your particular needs. Among these is the popular Fifty Shades of Fantasy. These workshops are designed to help you share with your partner and enter, with safety, the world you would like to experience together. Mistress Anna says: "I am committed to providing practical hands on and written education and information in an environment that facilitates the opportunity to learn, explore, engage and enjoy without judgement all that the BDSM culture has to offer".
All activities will adhere to the code of Safe, Sane and Consensual. She can assure clients that personal boundaries will be respected and that the atmosphere of acceptance and discretion will provide that safe place which we all need on our journey.
Photography by Cat o Nine Tails & Hayden Anderson.

24 Mar 2015

Testimonial – CFNM and Forced Bi Tea Party

Testimonial – CFNM and Forced Bi Tea Party

Sunday  18th January 2015 was our lovely CFNM and Forced Bi Tea Party. Here is Mrpunycunts' testimonial
On Sunday 18 January 2015, Sydney’s premier two Mistresses, Mistress Anna and Mistress Penelope held a CFNM Forced Bi Tea Party. The concept is simple. The Ladies are clothed and the males are naked and the males serve the Ladies with afternoon drinks and snacks and otherwise perform various acts designed to entertain the Ladies. Ten very attractive young Lady Dommes (brilliantly headed by Mistress Anna and Mistress Penelope) were served by a dozen very willing males.
My name is punycunt or cunt for short and this is my account of the event. Far too many activities took place over the six hour duration of the Tea Party for me to recount. Indeed, I was so blessed to be able to take part in such a wide range of activities with all the young Ladies that I cannot possibly recount everything that happened to me.
What I can say, however, is that in over 10 years of involvement in the BDSM scene predominantly in Brisbane and Sydney and to a small extent in Melbourne, I have had the privilege to play in a number of super exciting scenarios. Without a shadow of doubt, this party was the best ever thanks entirely to the excellent organisation by Mistress Anna and Mistress Penelope and their gorgeous Lady assistants.
When I arrived with the items that Mistress Anna asked me to bring, final preparations were coming to an end and the first guests were arriving. Mistress Anna had me go back to pick up another few items from the supermarket and when I arrived back she handed me to the care of service slave Katrina who did an excellent job all day controlling the arrival and departure of the subs.
I came downstairs nude and was put in a small frilly skirt to attend to food service (Ladies obviously do not want to eat food that has had a sub’s cock waving nearby!) I made my way around the room, serving food to the Ladies who were there already taking charge of the subs already getting them to perform. I made my way round the room to the sound of the slurping as cocks were being sucked very energetically and the groans from the subs on the receiving end of a cock-sucking or receiving some impact play from the gorgeous Mistresses. Two subs were delighting the Ladies with a very enthusiastic 69!
Soon after I was fully nude again and in my customary position for ball-kicking. Several of the Ladies (including some of my dearest friends who have spoiled me before by doing this as well as some new Ladies) then warmed me up by giving me a nice ball-kicking.
Afterwards it was on to pamper duties giving foot rubs and massages to several of the Ladies.
After that, Mistress Penelope needed to pee. So I was the very lucky sub to be taken outside, placed down on the ground and told to open my mouth as Mistress Penelope relieved herself straight into my willing mouth. While I did my best to be a good toilet, I did spill a bit and Mistress Penelope had to wash me down with a bucket of water.
Back inside then for some impact play on my arse and my turn for a bout of giving and receiving some cock-sucking.
By then, Mistress Anna’s electric shock dog collar was fully charged. It was duly strapped around my cock and balls, making sure the electrodes made good contact with my balls. For a long time thereafter, the room echoed to the sound of the hysterical laughter of the Ladies as they took turns in zapping my balls with electric shocks varying in intensity. Ask the Ladies who tested the max intensity on their arms what a punch that wonderful little device packs. My squeals and jumping around as my ball were zapped with electricity had the Ladies in stitches.
A very dear friend then held up her fist and a pink medium sized double dildo and said, “Pick one, cunt!” Naturally, I picked her fist. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out she bent me over, lubed my arse and proceeded to give me a nice anal fisting!
Next, I was placed on my knees and had the good fortune to be tested on how good a cock-sucking faggot I was. A young Indian boy with a big fat hard cock was brought over and I was told to get to work. What a joy to wrap my slutty cock-sucking lips around that beauty. A number of the Ladies looking on gave me encouragement and tips on stroking the cock and fondling the balls.
At last that came to an end and another very dear Lady friend bent me over the spanking bench, greased my arse and thrust her reasonably sized black strapon up my slut arse and proceeded to fuck me for a lovely long time. We started in the middle of the room, but the power of her pounding of my arse forced us right over to the side of the room and I had to hold the wall to prevent my gorgeous Lady friend forcing me right through the wall with her power fucking. All the while, several of the Ladies watching were taking turns in zapping my balls at full intensity with the still in place dog collar!
Boy did I feel like a well and truly fucked rag doll after that! I was however rather excited after that and as I was talking to the young Ladies who had been very happily zapping my balls with the dog collar, my very dear Lady friend who had just fucked me up the arse in championship fashion, came over and proceed to give my hard cock a solid workout. When I say solid, she smacked my hard cock very hard and fast. I squealed like a little pussy! She was not impressed! Taking kicks to my balls is nothing, she said, because I have no feeling left in them anyway. She could slap her boy’s cock twice as hard and ten times as long as she had done to me and he didn’t utter a sound. I was squealing and wriggling like anything. The piece de resistance was when she made me present my cock by holding it out and she then proceeded to clap her hands together hard and fast. Obviously, my cock was in the middle. Boy did I squeal like the cock-sucking little faggot I am! But more was to come as the Ladies I had been talking to and who had ringside seats for the cock torture, proceeded to slap and clap my cock too!
After a break, as it was my birthday in a few days, all the participants gathered to wish me happy birthday. That involved me being made to bend over as a burning candle was thrust into my arse and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me. Then I got my special present. I was placed lying flat on the ground as Mistress Penelope had me hold a champagne flute up which she then squatted over and filled with her special vintage personal champagne. She filled the flute and then directed the rest of the serving straight into my mouth. I did a better job of swallowing this time. Then as the audience sang “He’s a pisspot…” I quickly drank down the delicious contents of the flute. The other part of my present was to be permitted to orally worship Mistress Penelope’s absolutely stunning (clothed) arse. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Having been permitted then to lick cream and strawberries off a gorgeous Mistress’ feet, I received the final part of my birthday present. Down on all fours to receive 58 hard kicks delivered by several Ladies as my birthday kicks.
Both Mistress Anna and Mistress Penelope then each separately gave my balls a special birthday workout to finish the day.
What a day. This is just my story. The other subs and Mistresses will have their own stories to tell. But what a happy fun filled afternoon for all the participants. The sound of laughter more than outweighed the squeals from any of the weaker little faggots like me.
I can’t thank Mistress Anna and Mistress Penelope enough. They are world class Mistresses. What a fabulous day thanks to all their hard work and dedication. They do it because they have a passion for what they do, they do it to the absolute highest standards and they want all concerned to have a memorable enjoyable experience. You achieved that in spades, Ladies. I bow in awe, respect and deepest gratitude at your feet. I extend my deepest gratitude as well to the magnificent young Lady Dommes who were your enthusiastic and excellent assistants on the day.
cunt xxxxx

Shibari rope lesson with Satomi Zpira

1more sleep until I get to learn Shibari rope with Satomi Zpira. Then the amazing experience be tied by her in a photoshoot with Len Metcalf wearing a HouseOnFire creation~ thank you Dawn, Max and Olivier.
Femme Domme Fun! ~ Rope lesson then photoshoot with rigger @satomizpira @lenmetcalf @HouseWivesOnfire~squee! http://t.co/ZKUothlS6j
Get the whole picture - and other photos from Mistress Anna

BDSM Ropey goodness in Sydney

Saturday 14th March
I decided to have a 'rope jam' today instead of Boot Camp Fitness & Yoga as many participants were away.
*sigh*...just as much fun!                                         www.mistressanna.infoimage

10 Mar 2015

Mardi Gras 2015 float with Housewives On Fire & Red Heaven

Tuesday  10th March 2015
Congratulations Dawn InanliMax InanliOlivier DebiaisLara Wheatley andMichael Lara RH for organising this great creation that we were a part of for Mardi Gras 2015. Such an amazing feat - so inspiring!
Faycal Helal's photo.
Faycal Helal's photo.
Faycal Helal's photo.
Faycal Helal's photo.
Faycal Helal's photo.

6 Mar 2015

Fancy some fetish with your fitness?! CLEO Magazine asks me how!


Friday 6th March 2015
Danni from CLEO Magazine came to watch my Boot Campers 'work out' during one of my Forced Fitness sessions. The boys had started to sweat but it wasnt from the exercise...
Like your reverse lunge with a side of paddleboard to the buttocks? No?
Ok, what about being forcefully encouraged along on the rowing machine by a set of nipple clamps attached to your lady lumps?
We're guessing that's probably a no but PT cum domanatrix Mistress Anna runs a bootcamp with plenty of willing and eager victims clients.
Catching onto the fitness trend two years ago after some of her bondage and discipline (BD), dominance and submission (DS) and sadism and masochism (SM) clients were discussing their desire to get fit, Mistress Anna opened The Rose Centre in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo. The studio is the first of it’s kind in Australia, a fetish boot camp, with circuit style training.
Mistress Anna, who’s been in the industry for over 10 years including five years as a professional dominatrix, takes the health and fitness aspect of the classes seriously. “They’re working out and getting fit, but being rewarded too,” she says. “It’s great motivation.”
When we arrive to check out a class, it kicks off unlike any circuit training we’ve been to before.
For starters, clients are dressed in an array of nappies and PVC gimp masks. Mistress Anna orders them to take a position of submission, like a yoga child’s pose with their hands facing to the sky, and answer her questions with “Yes Mistress Anna, no Mistress Anna.”
“Did you keep to your food diary this week?” she asks. Already we’re thinking as we sit watching – “if this statuesque woman dressed in latex and army print and holding a whip asked us the same question every week, we’d probs look like Candice Swanepoel in a month.”
Once the clients have their dick and balls tied with rope, or their nipple clamps attached it turns into a standard-ishboot camp training. There’s squats (butt whippings – literally), rows (with nipple clamps) and push-ups (with toe kissing). With a full 45-minute program it’s obvious she has a health and fitness background!
Mistress Anna’s plan is to start yoga classes this year and eventually run wellness weekends with a BDSM, DS, MS tweak of course.
While you might not be sold on the kink-factor, maybe Mistress Anna is onto something? Picture this ladies, boot camp rewarded with whatever your poison might be (chocolate, oral?) -we’ll leave that one for you to conger.
Mistress Anna will be on the HOUSEWIVES on Fire float featuring Madame Lash (another famed Sydney Dominatrix) at the Sydney Mardi Gras this weekend. They’ll be raising money for Twenty 10 (http://www.twenty10.org.au) – a community based, non-profit, statewide organisations who support people with diverse genders, sexes and sexualities and their families.

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23 Feb 2015