21 Apr 2014

D/s Submit to Exercise- Boot Camp sessions for male slaves

“A Healthy Dose of Kink”
An intense hour of 'Forced Fitness' incorporating all aspects of Fitness & Domination with Mistress Anna, "Bootcamp Mistress" in Sydney.
Mistress Anna will literally whip' all those who need the motivation and forced submission to exercise for better health and well being. Attention will be focused toward more D/s protocol before, during and after the fitness class to better teach willing participants the benefits of fitness, whilst in a D/s structured circuit class.
She will help you help you unearth your "inner strength" with combinations that will tone your body, increase your stamina and build your confidence.
A low impact functional and effective class which intergrates aerobic exercise, body weight strength, boxing, intervals, rope and much more!
A demanding but encouraging Bootcamp Mistress will make you feel and see results if you follow her instruction as she pushes you to your limit.
A circuit class environment with an OPTIONAL sadistic edge. Over The Knee spanks and forced push-ups for naughty subs & sloths who don't complete tasks. Those deemed lucky will be rewarded with crunches that kiss Mistress Anna's divine arse. There are options tailored for all fitness levels. Bootcamp Mistress will push you physically based on your individual fitness levels.
Mistress Anna will make you work! Will make sweat! Will have you running in circles! Literally!
Submissives & 'lazy bums' alike can choose between Fetish or fitness dress (or both) however, underwear (at least a g-string) and sports shoes are mandatory. Please note that Fetish dress will not be provided at this event.
Blood, sweat and tears..without the blood but definitely some tears
Contact “Boot Camp Mistress” Anna to book for her "Forced Fitness Fetish: D/s" event.
ess A

"Booty Camp" for the Ladies "It's a Girl Thing!"

Incorporating aspects of Group Fitness with Mistress Anna, "Booty Camp Mistress". An intense hour of “Booty Training & Fitness'.
in a small and intimate group, allows Mistress Anna more time to concentrate on individual ladies, target problem areas and re correct.
Attention will be focused toward areas that 'girls' feel they need working on.
For those who need the motivation to exercise for better health and well being.
A low impact, functional, effective circuit class, which integrates aerobic exercise, body weight strength, boxing, intervals and rope.
Boot Camp Mistress Anna will push you physically based on your individual fitness levels and offers higher or lower options .
An exclusive weekly event at "The Sydney Rope Dojo", attended by those who appreciate the excellence of a professional Trainer and the benefits of a lifestyle of health and fitness.
Ladies - please bring a towel and drink bottle to use during the class.
Casual $25 p/p or $20 for 10 classes10168195_628512067231499_4418864041720241581_n

20 Apr 2014

Sydney Mistress enjoys playing with her 'toys' -Fun at Sydney Hellfire Club

March 2014
Yipee! Lucky Me!!
I finally received the photographs from my performance at The Sydney Hellfire Club in February.  I loved tying up and playing with my 'toy' for the evening.
By the look on his face, he did too!!
Thank you Cat o Nine Tails for the beautiful pictures.