29 Jul 2012

Sydney Dominatrix & Rope time trials with her German slave

Sunday 29th July 2012

My German 'kidnap' slave wanted to try something different in our last session before returning home to Germany.

He tied Ms O, I tied him and then timed them to see who could get 'free' with 3 minutes.  Unfortunately Ms O was bound too tightly, but my Geman slave has had quite abit of practice escaping and did so successfully.

Ms O sought her revenge and tied him and I tied her, then again with the time trial.  He won again.
Ms O and I decided we'd had enough of him trying to escape and for his 'going away' finale' we tied him extremely well to a chair while we sat back with glee and watched him struggle.  There was no escaping this time.

Much fun was had! See you soon!

Tschuss! (Goodbye)


26 Jul 2012

Femme Domme to enforce Chastity

Thursday 26th July 2012

My Sissy slut from Muswellbrook came to visit again last week. The poor dear can hardly keep his hands to himself.

I have threatened a Cock Cage but for the time being I am making him keep a daily journal of thoughts and such.  Lets see how much punishment will be needed by the time he has to visit again!  A warm reminder will help him for the trip home.


21 Jul 2012

Mistress Anna 'foils' intruders at her Playspace

Wednesday 11th July 2012

After returning home I realised that someone had broken into my Playspace.

I had a German intruder and his accomplice 'Ms O' going through my belongings!
Armed with spray & weponary I foiled their attempt of robbery.  I had them trussed up with my trusty rope while I waited for the Police to take them to the station and charge them. They tried time and again to free themselves but to no avail.

Will they never learn?  Naughty!


7 Jul 2012

Femme Domme Fun! Sploshy slave & Sexy sub

Saturday 7th July 2012

Lucky me! I had two delicious Players over recently for some 'afternoon delight!'.
Sploshy Slave Ian & a Sexy Sub came to play.  Sploshy and I had our way with her.  Starting with light Bondage, Spanking, Needles, Wax and Fireplay.  What a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Her cute red bottom certainly warmed up my hands.  I cant think of anything better!


3 Jul 2012

Girls from Fifty Shades of OZ interview Mistress Anna

Tuesday 3rd July 2012

It was great to speak with Jess & Sarah again from http://www.fiftyshadesofoz.com/ to give them a further insight into my lifestyle.  We went over a few of my BDSM interests in my Part Two Interview. I tend to forget that some of the activities I get up to on a daily basis are not what the majority of people do , both of the girls gave me a few raised eyebrows and puzzled looks.  There was so much to talk about and discuss in such a short time that I suggested that they Google a few of the interests at a later time while answering the remainder of the questions/ and or explaining what or how it is done. From A to Z in BDSM (not quite, but they researched a lot for their forum)

It was quite a fun interview with Sarah and Jess and I hope it was insightful for them and their readers.  I have given any reader from the http://www.fiftyshadesofoz.com/ site a special discounted rate and have Double Dared Jess & Sarah to bring their hubbys along for a 'Couples Introductory' session.
Watch this space and their site for  upcoming workshops in the Sydney CBD.

So much naughtiness, so little time...(sigh)