29 Sep 2011

Sydney Mistress Puppy Training sessions

Tuesday 27th September 2011

Puppy Joe came to visit again today in need of more training.
As soon as he walked in the door he reeked of cigarettes.  I ordered him to disrobe, drop onto all fours while I collared and leashed him and gave him a fairly hard Hand Spank for presenting himself in this manner.
After a quick lead around it was straight into the bathroom for a Golden Shower to wash off all that smokey stench!  When we moved into my Playroom and he confessed all of his sins. (sounds like a Catholic Church confessional-hah!) .
I then set about with Spankings that made him yelp!
Being his usual sniffy puppy self, he couldnt help but be drawn to my new red shoes. I made him lick them clean after he slobbered on them abit.  Good boy Joe!
I further instructed him to massage my sore and tired feet..but he wasnt very good, so I punished him with them instead. Slapping his young puppy face and fucking his mouth with them.
He kept squirming about and couldnt keep still, so I decided that his punishment was Anal Play. Using my fingers and for his first time ever: a nice Anal Dildo Toy, how lucky he gets to play with that!
We set about on the lead again training him to 'walk properly' ...like Good Puppies should.  He was abit frightened to go down the stairs, so I Trampled him abit to persuade him before trying the stairs again.  He made me proud the second time and strode around with a perfect puppy gait.
Back up stairs for another Golden Shower bath before hometime. 
What a GOOD BOY he was! { pat, pat}


Naughty Novocastrians need Spankings & such on a rainy Monday

Monday 26th September 2011

On a wet Monday morning my phone was ringing red hot with calls from naughty Novocastrians needing some Discipline.
One slave  from a neighbouring Fire Brigade couldnt keep his hands to himself and needed Over the Knee Spanks.
Slave 'Phil' was desperate for Heavy Anal and slave 'Pete' light Bondage & Tease.

What better was to pass a dreary Monday than to be indoors being Bent!


28 Sep 2011

BDSM Mistess's Anal slave enjoys Cross Dress & Temp Piercing

Saturday 24th September 2011

On a rainy Saturday afternoon my young blonde Anal slave 'j' surprised me with a new request!
He admitted to me that he also likes to partially Cross Dress and could he wear something he had brought. Of course!..I do love a 'dress up'.

He shyly put on his stockings and suspenders and BOY did he look like a tarty slut!

I immediately had him Over my Knee for Spankings because he started to touch his twitching cock without consent!  Then into my sling for a good Anal fingering before having my way with my Dildo..

He was sooo adventureous that I tried Temp Piercing needles on him as well, of which he liked very much.
I can't think of a nicer way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon ;)


22 Sep 2011

Sydney Mistress turns Amil Anal slut to Piercing

Thurdsay 22nd September 2011

Slave'g' is always up for partial Cross Dressing, Heavy Anal play with the odd treat of Amil if she's been a good 'girl'.
She likes to try new things and since she likes her cock and balls being played with , I thought I'd 'prick' her little prick.

She loved every minute of it! Maybe Ive 'converted' her ;)


21 Sep 2011

Femme Domme buys Sissy Slut crotchless stockings

Tuesday 20th September 2011

My Sissy Slut received a new pair of crotchless stockings to parade about in today..the lucky little bitch! ..such a tart!

Some light Bondage and Spankings helped to set 'her' straight until I deemed 'her' worthy of sucking my Strap On  to which she set about with the enthusiasm of Linda Lovelace..Good Girl!

Up onto the sling for some Anal Play, Urethral Sounding and Temp Piercing for that naughty Cock!

Her behaviour seems to be inproving with each session, well done!

9 Sep 2011

'Aunt' Anna scolds naughty nephew for laziness & misdemeanours-Corporal Punishment follows!

Friday 9th September 2011

A phone call from his school teacher, teamed with a terrible report card, dirty sports gear lying about, porn DVD's hidden under the bed and to top it all off, LATE for dinner!
By the time my naughty nephew got home today, 'Aunt' Anna was in the mood for Coporal Punishment.
A good scolding started off, then after producing the 'Punishment Book' I began running through the list of all the innappropriate and lazy behaviour he had displayed during the week.
I had to administer what I deemed 'Good Medicine' for naughty behaviour and chose my instruments with care:
Hairbrush, Showerbrush, Wooden Paddle, Strap, Rubber Paddle, Rubber Strap, Ruler and of course: Over the Knee Spankings.
It will be a few days before he can sit comforatbly again.  Let's see if he takes his Aunts' advise and tries to learn his lesson.

Corporate Boss 'Mistress Anna' makes useless slave Footstool

Thursday 8th September 2011

'Corporate Boss' Mistress Anna had to take control of her worthless 'employee'/slave today.
He did a terrible job of "Admin' within the 'Company' and had to be dealt with: drastic measures needed to be taken to regain control.
"Employee"/slave 'G' had been too busy daydreaming and touching his Cock again to file all the important documents needed for the latest tender. Will he never learn?
While Corporate Boss' Anna set about recifying his errors she thought the lesson might sink in if he had to work for it.
She set about using him as a lovely Footstool for her tired legs while recounting all of his mistakes.  He wasn't as good a Stool as she would have liked so she gave him a Whipping then tied him up and Trampled him.
He was such a good soft Mat that she decided to 'let him' Massage and Worship her Feet.
What a nice way to end a terrible situation.  Lets hope he learns his lessons and gets back to work.  That or lose his job!


6 Sep 2011

Sydney Domme forces Sissy Slut to Worship Strap On after crying too much

Tuesday 6th September 2011
Sissy Slut Darla spent sooo much time crying about the heat & redness from previous Spankings and Paddle marks on her bottom that I thought I'd better quieten her by making her Worship My Strap On.
She tries to be brave and wants it harder, tighter, more!  But her creamy soft skin can't take the punishment. She purred during Urethral Sounding, a few Temp Needles & Anal Play but My Strap on Cock really soothed her cries.


Sydney Dominatrix hunilates slave: Trample, Golden Shower, Foot Face Slap & Spit

 Monday 5th September 2011

Slave joe came to visit today. He angers me as soon as he steps onto my appartment, I smell cigarettes-YUCK!
I march him upstairs, order him to disrobe and immediately Golden Shower him,  cleansing him to begin retraining.  Once dried he awaits on all fours’ like a good dog should while I collar and leash him. Crawling close to the ground we enter my Playroom and I allow him to drink from his dogbowl.

I question his recent behaviour and am met with unsatisfactory answers.  Maybe some Face Slapping and CBT might help jog his memory? Spanking & Trampling make for hard work, I need to take a seat and decide to Smother him while I am at it.

He does such a good job of being a stool that I allow him to Worship my Shoes,Feet and pretty painted Toes. His hand slips down and touches his Cock and punishment is necessary. Foot Face Slapping, Spitting, Trampling, Arse Smother and Anal Fingering ensue-that ought to teach him!

He is becoming much more obediant and I fondly call him ‘Puppy joe’ because he is being Such a Good Boy!  I make him roll on his back so I can Trample his face and arms & force him to look in the mirror at what he has become.

I decide I need to ‘mark’ my territory so he won’t forget our session and end with another Golden Shower for good measure.

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2 Sep 2011

Sydney Domme & Amil Slut slave

Friday 2nd September 2011

After a long holiday abroad in France, slave "J" returned for some Discipline.  Always a Golden Shower to wash him clean and freshen up.
Oh how he had forgotten the rules of Mistress Anna's house!
First a leaking cock, then it went soft!  I had to remind him with some Nipple, Cock & Ball Torture.  He was such a BABY and cried 'Mercy' only  after a few minutes. I set about with some Spanking before returning to the afore mentioned Torture.  He managed to take some more and definitely needs working back up again to satisfy me. I allowed him a little treat of Amil (his very favourite) before starting my very favourite..Anal Play!
Crawling on hands and knees back to the bathroom he finally remembered my rules and Came when I told him to as I washed his Cock with another Golden Shower.
Bienvenue à la maison.  Welcome home!