9 Sep 2011

'Aunt' Anna scolds naughty nephew for laziness & misdemeanours-Corporal Punishment follows!

Friday 9th September 2011

A phone call from his school teacher, teamed with a terrible report card, dirty sports gear lying about, porn DVD's hidden under the bed and to top it all off, LATE for dinner!
By the time my naughty nephew got home today, 'Aunt' Anna was in the mood for Coporal Punishment.
A good scolding started off, then after producing the 'Punishment Book' I began running through the list of all the innappropriate and lazy behaviour he had displayed during the week.
I had to administer what I deemed 'Good Medicine' for naughty behaviour and chose my instruments with care:
Hairbrush, Showerbrush, Wooden Paddle, Strap, Rubber Paddle, Rubber Strap, Ruler and of course: Over the Knee Spankings.
It will be a few days before he can sit comforatbly again.  Let's see if he takes his Aunts' advise and tries to learn his lesson.

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