27 May 2012

Sydney Mistress offers Body Maintenance Waxing

Sunday 27th May 2012

Mistress Anna’s Punishment Plan also encompasses Body Maintenance Waxing for those Bondage Slaves with an unnecessary Hair Fetish:  She likes her Bondage Slaves clean and tidy.

Warm 'Strip' Wax is used for most area's. 'Hot' wax can be used for smaller 'stubborn area's.

Body Maintenance for Bondage Slaves:
Back: 50
Shoulders: 25.00
Back & Shoulder: 65
Chest & Stomach: 60 
Arms: 45 / Underarm: 30
Neck: 20 or with another body part add 10
Legs: Full leg 75 / Half leg 50
Front /Sack 75
Crack: 30
Cheeks: 40
Cheek/crack: 60
Brazilian: 110
Full Body: 300
Brows, nose, ears, nipples, hands, side of face: 20

Punishment Plans available for Laser Treatment, Appearance Medicine and BDSM Sessions

Holding a Diploma of Exercise Science and Fitness Management as well as a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Massage, Mistress Anna has been engaged and self employed in the field of Health, Fitness and Beauty since 1991.  Her Fitness qualifications include Personal Training, Group Fitness and Aerobic instruction with Auckland Institute of Technology & Australian Fitness Network recognised by FISAF, A.I.F.  She also holds a current St John Senior First Aid & C.P.R.  Achieving her Beauty Therapy and Massage qualifications from Joyce Blok College in New Zealand, they are recognised internationally with CIDESCO & CIBTAC.

24 May 2012

Sydney Mistress enjoys her Sissy Sluts

Wednesday 23rd May 2012

What a glorious week I have had! Dressing my darling 'Sissy Sluts' up and then fucking their cute little bottoms with my Strap On and Fist.

Take a peek:


15 May 2012

Dangerously Decadent Dominatrix

Tuesday 15th May 2012

Are you sweet enough my "Heavenly Treat"? Should I make you more delicious than you already are?  I'll have my way with you my "Petit Four and together we will raise, not just our cholestoral levels with every smear, lick and squish but also our temperatures.  With enough calories to induce a massive sugar rush and gain 5kg through osmosis and sight alone, I will make you my perfect indulgent delicacy, for my sharing pleasure.

Tonight is every Kinksters dream but tomorrow we start Bootcamp Mistress sessions!

Performing one to consume the other.
Sploshing at May "HELLFIRE"