28 Aug 2012

Sydney Mistress & her Sploshy slave

Wednesday 22nd August 2012

How much fun can a Domme have?

My Sploshy slave came to visit today.  He gifted me the rope & candles from Hebari @ Naturally Twisted.
He looked gorgeous prancing about in his Latex and we decided to dress him up in frilly pink knickers.
We neither 'sploshed' nor 'roped' today but had PLENTY of other naughtiness...

He's such a good boy!


21 Aug 2012

Sydney Bootcamp Mistress & Sissy Slut 'Lexie"

Wednesday 15th August 2012

A beautiful shining day in Newcastle saw this 'Mistress'  slip into "Noah's on the Beach" Hotel, incognito as "Bootcamp Mistress" .

I had a 'Sissy Slut' to put through her paces as she has been unable to leave her cock alone!
As I entered the hotel room I noticed her luxurious satin camisole, she looked very lovely.  I immediately handed her my 'Maid's Apron' and had her set about making me a cup of tea.   Sitting by my feet I made her recount her  misdemenours.

Over The Knee Spankings followed quickly, then a good Caning, ending with a good near Fisting.  I'm sure we may have gotten there this time but our time was cut short by a knock at the door from housekeeping. The mood was broken.

'Oh dear'!  Never mind, 'Lexie' will 'keep' until our next session.  Her red bottom kept her warm the whole drive home.

I slipped back out into the sunshine looking like the 'Sporty Mistress' I am, the hotel staff none the wiser.


12 Aug 2012

Femme Domme Fun with U.K Foot slave

Saturday 1th August 2012

What better way than to spend my Saturday morning inside having a delightful treat!  Every Dommes' dream!

Slave 'M' from the U.K came over to Worship & Adore my feet and legs, he did a particularly fine job kissing my ankles. He set the bar extremely high.

An eye for fashion and taste, he promises to lavish me me in D&G leather pants and fabulous stilletos!
Lets see how good his word is...


5 Aug 2012

BDSM Sydney Mistress enforces Corporal Punishment

Friday 3rd August 2012

G', a very experienced slave came to play today.

Im always quite impressed with the  level of pain he is able to withstand considering his age as an older slave and the fact he had a heart operation  just over a year ago.

But as usual, he's been naughty and trying his luck on the ponies.  He say's he needs to be taught a lesson as he's not doing as well as he should with them.  He said I should use the Riding Crop on his arse.  I happily oblige and I have a few other things I need to teach him and he happily submits.

Check out our fun afternoon on Friday!