18 Sep 2012

Sydney Mistress & her Spanking Bench

Monday 17th September 2012

Slave Tom finished making my Spanking Bench and delivered it today! How excitement!

I thought Id better pay him in kind.  He is such a good boy!


9 Sep 2012

Mistress Anna's Femme Domme Fun: Non Conformist and rule maker

Sunday 9th September 2012

Having 10 years of experience in the Adult Industry has seen me develop into the woman and Dominatrix that I am today.

Across the board I have tried most possible avenues, as a Manager, Receptionist, Sales Assistant and Sex Worker in Bordellos, Massage Houses, Strip Clubs, BDSM and Adult Stores.

I am bored with people who are stuck in the past. Insisting D/s relationships (professional or personal) are a certain archaic way. YAWN!!

Yesterday I got called a "girl with a whip" I kindly corrected him and stated "Im a Whore with a whip", I get paid for my job.  Please use the correct terminology.

Being in charge of my own business allows me to make up my own rules, take it or leave it.

I assure you that my Bespoke Sessions are much more funner when we bend the rules together.

5 Sep 2012

Sydney Femme Domme Fun: Spring Specials!

Friday 31st August 2012

Spring is here! Sunshine, flowers blooming and happy smiling people.
Friday was a glorious day and even though it was officially Spring on the Saturday, I decided premature was just fine.  My Body Worship slave did such a great job that I treated him to my beautiful Japanese candles.

Saturday saw me in Detention as "Head Mistress Anna", scolding  naughty Mikey Smith yet again after I found him with a 'home made' strap.  I decided to give his bottom a good 'lashing' with it finishing off with OTK Spankings.  I also decided to wear a gift from Ms O' of Cuban Heeled Stockings with a red seam. {delightful}

Sunday was my day of rest and although I had had a slight headache earlier in the day, my brand new U.K Foot slave came to my rescue to comfort me and gave me something to 'really' dig my toes into.  My first weekend of Spring went well I thought!