9 Sep 2012

Mistress Anna's Femme Domme Fun: Non Conformist and rule maker

Sunday 9th September 2012

Having 10 years of experience in the Adult Industry has seen me develop into the woman and Dominatrix that I am today.

Across the board I have tried most possible avenues, as a Manager, Receptionist, Sales Assistant and Sex Worker in Bordellos, Massage Houses, Strip Clubs, BDSM and Adult Stores.

I am bored with people who are stuck in the past. Insisting D/s relationships (professional or personal) are a certain archaic way. YAWN!!

Yesterday I got called a "girl with a whip" I kindly corrected him and stated "Im a Whore with a whip", I get paid for my job.  Please use the correct terminology.

Being in charge of my own business allows me to make up my own rules, take it or leave it.

I assure you that my Bespoke Sessions are much more funner when we bend the rules together.

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