16 Mar 2014

Femme Domme Fun February!

February 2014
I was soooo busy having too much fun that I forgot to write it all down! Lucky me.
I presented an "Anal Play" workshop at UBER at the beginning of the month.
Over Valentines weekend I was asked to present my Boot Camp Mistress sessions, a CBT and a Humiliation workshop at the Hong Kong Kink Convention. It was great fun to stay with Decima on 'The Peak", I attended Milla Reika's suspension class and tied up a lovely sub, I was introduced to Morpheous - a Canadian Rigger who is very much larger than life and we all were gifted these lovely 'Presenter's Packages". So many great people there witha fantastic vibe!

February HELLFIRE in Sydney saw me Suspend & Splosh my performance partner, it was great to tie him up with such a large audience cheering us on. I must say that it was the Funnest February Ive had!