31 Jul 2011

Femme Domme enjoys Hebari & Kinkprincess's dinner party

Saturday 30th July 2011

1)A bunch of bent people, kink conversation
2)Great food, good wine, funky sounds
3)Sexy Time Rope Play

Hebari and Kinkprincess had an awesome dinner party tonight. Myself, Mistresss Raven, Spikey, Subzero, Hong Kong Domme-Mistress V and some rope bunnies gathered to eat, drink and chat. Discussions of Flesh Suspension, Urethral Sounds, Rope, Corsets and more made for great dinner topics.
So much fun! Thanks everyone!


21 Jul 2011

Sydney Dominatrix & Shiney Sharp Needles with Innatemalk

Thursday 21st July 2011
Another rainy Sydney afternoon.
Innatemalk and myself had to entertain ourselves somehow.
Everyone needs a little fun time ;)
Just a few to get the endorphins flowing and warm up on the inside.


19 Jul 2011

Double Dommes's Delight: Anna & Amity & Sissy Slut 'S'

Tuesday 19th July 2011

Slave ‘S’ came to visit today. Again he has been having lewd & depraved thoughts when girls walk past him. He wants to lick their arses’.

Mistress Amity & I have to teach him a lesson. We decide to make him our sissy slut so we can have our way!

Like a Catholic Church confesssional, we start by washing away his sins with a Double Golden Shower. He should Cross himself now before the rest starts! Haha.
He follows Mistress Amity into the room on hands and knees, we both proceed to dress him in pink frilly bra and knickers, stockings and a garter belt. (such a Tart!).
After chaining him up CBT, Nipple Play & Verbal Humiliation begin. He does a poor job of sucking on Ms Amity’s Strap On Cock and even worse of Arse Worship! He starts to cry that he has a sore mouth fron her big cock so we think that we should pu8nish his arse with it instead. That seems to quiet him.
The little sissy slut hasnt quite had enough Humiliation to learn his lesson so we decide to go back to the beginning and wash him again with another Double Golden Shower. We should have gotten him to recite 3 ‘Hail Marys’ while were were showering him.

Im sure he will remember to behave in the future or we will.



15 Jul 2011

Dominatrix Double fun: Anal Slut & Schoolboy Spankings

Friday 15th July 2011

Double fun for me today! Whoot Whoo.
First my little Anal Slut, slave ‘G’ came to visit. After dressing the little tart up in Pantihose and Bra I started with Urethral Sounds to warm up then onto Heavy Anal Fisting.
His arse was so tight!

Mikey Smith was also sent to me on the last day of school for smoking and his usual cheeky backchat to Form Teacher.
Straight into Heavy Caning and then Over The Knee Spanking.
He’d better write those lines before the day is done or he might not make it back next year at this rate!
His red hot rosey bottom cheeks will remind him to keep in line.

14 Jul 2011

Sydney Domme & Sploshy, Latex slave

Thursday 14th July 2011

My Sploshy slave came to visit today. As usual, much fun was had dressing him from head to toe in Latex and watching him parade around in towering heels.
Black, Sleek, Sexy.
Teaching him how to be a good Pussy slave was next on the agenda.Well Done, Good Boy!
As a secondary treat, I finished with a nice big Dildo and some Anal Play for him – Demanding that he come on cue.
…I love it when they do what they are told!

13 Jul 2011

Sydney Femme Domme: Novocastrian Foot Wank & Caning Slut

Wednesday 13th July 2011

So much FUN was had this time in Newcastle with my ‘newbie’ submissives. Nervous at the start I soon help unleash their supressed Fantasies & Fetishes.
Slave ‘C’ did a stella job of massaging and Worshipping my feet. So good in fact that I allowed some special Body Worship as well. His good behaviour also earned him a Foot Wank as I ordered him to come all over my feet…
I DO enjoy it when slaves come for me ;)
Slave ‘G’ was quite timid,shy, tall and lean. Etremely keen to push his limits.
He got his wish! Clover Clamps, CBT and a hard Caning to start, followed by my nice big Strap On Dildo until he Orgasmed.
I was quite impressed that he wanted to push his limits so hard and his pain threshold was so high.
Im sure he will remember our meeting for a long time to come, especially everytime he sits down for the next few days! ;)


9 Jul 2011

Sydney Mistress & Her Chastity slave

Saturday 9th July 2011

Sissy Slut slave ‘Irena’/Ian came back for more enforced chastity after a long hiatus.
She/he’s had those naughty thoughts again and can’t stop touching her cock, talking to ‘Cam Girls’ and thinking about sex.
Best that I enforce Chasity onto her again before it is too late to save her!
Our last long Chastity, lasted 30 days. Must we try longer as her urges are greater?
I started by administering the Cage to her pathetic cock then proceeded with a sound Spanking & Caning before making the little slut suck on my Strap On.
She moaned as I fingered her arse and threatened with my Strap On Cock,but she was too tight this time to take it.
I sent to her the shower to cool off afterwards and to think about how long THIS CHASTITY may have to last.
We’ll see!

5 Jul 2011

Femme Domme Fun Day with Innatemalk

Monday 4th July 2011

On this sunny (American Independance Day) afternoon, Innatemalk and I met again to play with Sharp, Shiny Needles.
This was a good chance to play on a back and make cute but simple patterns..usually I get Penis’s and Nipples to play with, ah ha ha.
It was great to see a little blood ;) and I decided that I simply must play more on other body parts too.
From the look of Innatemalk, I dont think he’ll mind!

Did my Reb Blood, Blue Hubbed Needles and White skin qualify enough as a tribute to celebrate with the Americans?

Happy 4th July!!

~ by bdsm mistress on July 5, 2011.

2 Jul 2011

Sydney Dominatrix and Website Photoshoot

Saturday 2nd July 2011

While the sun was shining on this beautiful Sydney day, Innatemalk and myself were having fun shooting a few more photos for my website for the following catagories:

1:Sharp, Shiny, Polished, Metallic…
2:Athletic, Physical, Fitness, Sweat…
3:Laughter, Relaxation, Entertainment, Amusement..

Here’s a picture from catagory #3