9 Jul 2011

Sydney Mistress & Her Chastity slave

Saturday 9th July 2011

Sissy Slut slave ‘Irena’/Ian came back for more enforced chastity after a long hiatus.
She/he’s had those naughty thoughts again and can’t stop touching her cock, talking to ‘Cam Girls’ and thinking about sex.
Best that I enforce Chasity onto her again before it is too late to save her!
Our last long Chastity, lasted 30 days. Must we try longer as her urges are greater?
I started by administering the Cage to her pathetic cock then proceeded with a sound Spanking & Caning before making the little slut suck on my Strap On.
She moaned as I fingered her arse and threatened with my Strap On Cock,but she was too tight this time to take it.
I sent to her the shower to cool off afterwards and to think about how long THIS CHASTITY may have to last.
We’ll see!

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