19 Jul 2011

Double Dommes's Delight: Anna & Amity & Sissy Slut 'S'

Tuesday 19th July 2011

Slave ‘S’ came to visit today. Again he has been having lewd & depraved thoughts when girls walk past him. He wants to lick their arses’.

Mistress Amity & I have to teach him a lesson. We decide to make him our sissy slut so we can have our way!

Like a Catholic Church confesssional, we start by washing away his sins with a Double Golden Shower. He should Cross himself now before the rest starts! Haha.
He follows Mistress Amity into the room on hands and knees, we both proceed to dress him in pink frilly bra and knickers, stockings and a garter belt. (such a Tart!).
After chaining him up CBT, Nipple Play & Verbal Humiliation begin. He does a poor job of sucking on Ms Amity’s Strap On Cock and even worse of Arse Worship! He starts to cry that he has a sore mouth fron her big cock so we think that we should pu8nish his arse with it instead. That seems to quiet him.
The little sissy slut hasnt quite had enough Humiliation to learn his lesson so we decide to go back to the beginning and wash him again with another Double Golden Shower. We should have gotten him to recite 3 ‘Hail Marys’ while were were showering him.

Im sure he will remember to behave in the future or we will.



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