30 Jan 2013

Mistress Anna teaches Master & sub couple.

Saturday 26th January 2013

Plenty of fun and games to be had over the long rainy wet weekend!

I has the pleasure of teaching a couple some play.  They had the basic's down pat but it is always good to go over safety proceedures and limits before getting down to the fun stuff.

Starting off with Spanking & Whipping, Electrical pads on her Pussy and Nipples and finishing off, it was a delight to watch him (and her) enjoy my beautiful candles, we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.


17 Jan 2013

Mistress Anna tours to Newcastle

Monday 14th January 2013
"Corporate Boss" Anna started the day off punishing lazy employee Gary, he constantly watches porn at work.  Strict discipline always follows to refocus this timewaster.
A sound Spanking was on the cards for newbie Peter, OTK and nice and close to me.  He needed to be taught a lesson.
The off to see slave Ray who is in a wheelchair and desperately needs CBT and Spanks for continually playing with himself.
sub Garath drove me and I decided to give him a task while he waiting for me to finish with Ray.  I sent him off to a private location where he had to urinate & masterbate into a bottle.  When he picked me up we drove to an discreet outdoor setting when I made him kneel infront of me, play with his cock, drink his piss and cum on my sneakered feet.  He got to lick his cum off my sneakers as a treat.
What a way to start the New Year in Newcastle!


9 Jan 2013

Bootcamp Mistress circuit & Zumba class-January

 January 8th 2013

"I see you baby, shakin' that ass" ”
Cost:$25 for one class or $40 for 2 classes
Dress code: Fetishwear or fitness & sport: Underwear & sneakers a must.

... A Healthy Dose of Kink for anyone who needs motivation!

An intense 90 minutes of 'Forced Fitness' incorporating all aspects of Fitness & Domination with Mistress Anna, "Bootcamp Mistress", Master Culo and Ms Leia.
From 6.15pm to 7pm, Master Culo will have you 'shakin' that ass' and having more fun and sweating more than you ever did at any rubber event.His Zumba class will increase your cardio, flexability, rhythm and agility.
At 7.15pm Mistress Anna will literally 'whip' you into shape (crop in hand) and 'kick ass' (sneakered foot) for all those 'lazy nay sayers', subs or anyone who needs motivation.She will help you help you unearth your '"inner strength" with combinations that will tone your body, increase your stamina and build your confidence.A low impact functional and effective class which intergrates aerobic exercise, body weight strength, boxing, intervals, rope and much more!
Ms Leia will be 'on hand' to help "Mistress Anna" force those that want and need it to kiss her feet, ass and more!
Please see the webpage for more details and rules:
Minimum of 8 people, paid in advance through PAYPAL, direct debt, cash or online tickets at the above website.
Blood, sweat and tears..without the blood but definitely some tears..
You know you want it..."to be FORCED to exercise