17 Jan 2013

Mistress Anna tours to Newcastle

Monday 14th January 2013
"Corporate Boss" Anna started the day off punishing lazy employee Gary, he constantly watches porn at work.  Strict discipline always follows to refocus this timewaster.
A sound Spanking was on the cards for newbie Peter, OTK and nice and close to me.  He needed to be taught a lesson.
The off to see slave Ray who is in a wheelchair and desperately needs CBT and Spanks for continually playing with himself.
sub Garath drove me and I decided to give him a task while he waiting for me to finish with Ray.  I sent him off to a private location where he had to urinate & masterbate into a bottle.  When he picked me up we drove to an discreet outdoor setting when I made him kneel infront of me, play with his cock, drink his piss and cum on my sneakered feet.  He got to lick his cum off my sneakers as a treat.
What a way to start the New Year in Newcastle!


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