29 Sep 2011

Sydney Mistress Puppy Training sessions

Tuesday 27th September 2011

Puppy Joe came to visit again today in need of more training.
As soon as he walked in the door he reeked of cigarettes.  I ordered him to disrobe, drop onto all fours while I collared and leashed him and gave him a fairly hard Hand Spank for presenting himself in this manner.
After a quick lead around it was straight into the bathroom for a Golden Shower to wash off all that smokey stench!  When we moved into my Playroom and he confessed all of his sins. (sounds like a Catholic Church confessional-hah!) .
I then set about with Spankings that made him yelp!
Being his usual sniffy puppy self, he couldnt help but be drawn to my new red shoes. I made him lick them clean after he slobbered on them abit.  Good boy Joe!
I further instructed him to massage my sore and tired feet..but he wasnt very good, so I punished him with them instead. Slapping his young puppy face and fucking his mouth with them.
He kept squirming about and couldnt keep still, so I decided that his punishment was Anal Play. Using my fingers and for his first time ever: a nice Anal Dildo Toy, how lucky he gets to play with that!
We set about on the lead again training him to 'walk properly' ...like Good Puppies should.  He was abit frightened to go down the stairs, so I Trampled him abit to persuade him before trying the stairs again.  He made me proud the second time and strode around with a perfect puppy gait.
Back up stairs for another Golden Shower bath before hometime. 
What a GOOD BOY he was! { pat, pat}


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