9 Sep 2011

Corporate Boss 'Mistress Anna' makes useless slave Footstool

Thursday 8th September 2011

'Corporate Boss' Mistress Anna had to take control of her worthless 'employee'/slave today.
He did a terrible job of "Admin' within the 'Company' and had to be dealt with: drastic measures needed to be taken to regain control.
"Employee"/slave 'G' had been too busy daydreaming and touching his Cock again to file all the important documents needed for the latest tender. Will he never learn?
While Corporate Boss' Anna set about recifying his errors she thought the lesson might sink in if he had to work for it.
She set about using him as a lovely Footstool for her tired legs while recounting all of his mistakes.  He wasn't as good a Stool as she would have liked so she gave him a Whipping then tied him up and Trampled him.
He was such a good soft Mat that she decided to 'let him' Massage and Worship her Feet.
What a nice way to end a terrible situation.  Lets hope he learns his lessons and gets back to work.  That or lose his job!


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