3 Jul 2012

Girls from Fifty Shades of OZ interview Mistress Anna

Tuesday 3rd July 2012

It was great to speak with Jess & Sarah again from http://www.fiftyshadesofoz.com/ to give them a further insight into my lifestyle.  We went over a few of my BDSM interests in my Part Two Interview. I tend to forget that some of the activities I get up to on a daily basis are not what the majority of people do , both of the girls gave me a few raised eyebrows and puzzled looks.  There was so much to talk about and discuss in such a short time that I suggested that they Google a few of the interests at a later time while answering the remainder of the questions/ and or explaining what or how it is done. From A to Z in BDSM (not quite, but they researched a lot for their forum)

It was quite a fun interview with Sarah and Jess and I hope it was insightful for them and their readers.  I have given any reader from the http://www.fiftyshadesofoz.com/ site a special discounted rate and have Double Dared Jess & Sarah to bring their hubbys along for a 'Couples Introductory' session.
Watch this space and their site for  upcoming workshops in the Sydney CBD.

So much naughtiness, so little time...(sigh)

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