3 May 2011

Sydney Mistress "Corporate Boss" wrestles staff to ground

Tuesday 3rd May 2011

"Corporate Boss" Mistress Anna was in 'The Office' today due to an unreliable pathetic staff member.
Sam hasnt been coping with the heavy work load and demanding schedule.
He has been late, fallen behind with his marketing department projects and generally has been doing a terrible job.
"Corporate Boss" Anna had to make him see the error of his ways or he will end up losing his job.
Pathetic pleading from him fell on unsympathetic ears until eventually 'Boss' Anna had had enough. 
Wrestling him to the ground she pinned the patheic staff member to the ground so he would remember who is in charge.
Delivering spankings he 'yelped' in pain, so she ballgaged him and cuffed his wrists while she finished the job.
He'll tow the line at work from now on or face 'Boss' Anna's wrath.

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