16 Oct 2011

Sydney Femme Domme gifted money from 'ironingboard' slave

Sunday 16th October 2011

It began approximately a year ago when John called to tell me about his fantasy of becoming my 'ironing board'.  We scheduled a session after much discussion and nerves on his behalf.  One day out he had to cancel.  We tried to reschedule to no avail.

He called two or 3 more times during the year to make enquiries until he was ready to rebook last week.  He was to deposit the money into my account to ensure his genuineness, which he did.

With my crumpled washing, iron and ironing cover I was ready to be the perfect Mistress, adept in domestic household matters with my new found, sturdy 'ironing board' slave.

Again, his nerves got the better of him.  He gracefully' bowed' out several hours before the session.  Insisting that the tribute become a gift for all the time spent in organising and discussion.  I allowed him to reschedule within one week for the last time.  He again insisted that he was unable to 'go through with it' as it had all become too much.
I accepted his monetary gift but was disapointed that the session was not to proceed as I had been quite excited at the prospect.
And what was to happen with my ironing? ;(


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