15 Oct 2011

Sydney Mistress (re) trains slave

Saturday 15th October 2011
Slave james came for a session today.  He seems to have forgotten how to be a good slave.
First, he was late.
Then he knocked on the wrong apartment.
He stunk like cigarettes.
I immediately had him disrobe at the door and go straight into the shower to scrub.
I tied him to my new cage and set about with Hand Spankings, Paddling, the Cane, Rubber Paddle & Dragon Tail Whip.
It wasnt long before his little bottom was nice and red and he cried 'Mercy'.  He lasted longer than last time and I have a video to prove it!  Such a lot of work to retrain him after a long break. I hope he will remember for next time or watch out!
Watch this space, the video will be up soon.

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