3 Apr 2011

Femme Domme frustration

Sunday 3rd April 2011
Occasionally I get frustrated with foreign slaves when communication gets ‘lost in translation’.
Trying to understand the session that they want -or what they think they want and turning it into a reality can be challenging.
A recent French slave voiced that he wanted a Humiliation session with roleplay, trampling, face slapping, foot fetish, spitting, spanking etc. Even though we have a good talk about the session beforehand, it was soon obvious that it was ‘lost in translation’.
Whilst sessioning it was clear that he wasnt really ‘playing’ and kept trying to ‘top’ me from the ‘bottom’, whining ‘I dont like that’ or ‘I like this’..’I want you to be softer’ . At the end of the session we debriefed – even though I went through clear steps prior to play, the “Humiliation” session he wanted was too strong a term.
And again last night.
A Spanish slave communicated perfectly the session he was wanting but everything else was so difficult. Timing, pricing and locating my address was a challenge to him and at the end of the evening proved to be so challenging to me that I cancelled the session because he was lost ‘somewhere in the area’.
I suggested a local B&D house because their hours fit in with him more so that mine.
I have worked with hearing impaired, mentally and physically challenged people and am usually able to connect with most.
Maybe some sessions were not ment to happen…

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