7 Apr 2011

Femme Domme frustration, part two. "cry baby slave"

Thursday 7th April 2011

Imagine my frustration when a slave turns 'cry baby' for the whole session!
I think he had been given too special a treatment at a local bondage house prior to me, he said he had been there 3 times.  They must have been very nice to him
We discussed over the phone the session in detail.
He was late.
He forgot my address.
We sat and discussed the session in detail - activities agreed on, safe words to use.
He pretended to shower - I sent him back. Young men need training.
We started the session, he cried "Mercy' when I tried to collar him, he cried "Mercy' when I tried to cuff him, tie up his cock and balls and the rest. So scared and frightened.
Makes me wonder what he learnt at the last venue.

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