21 Nov 2012

Mistress Anna, 'Dirty Sally' and Braziliian slave

Sunday 18th November 2012

What a wonderful way to end the week, with my female sub 'Dirty Sally' and my Brazillian slave 'P'.
He was very nervous as she lead him in and undressed him, but he soon relaxed under my delicious Golden Shower, while I ordered him to play with his cock.

A sensual, sexy Tie and Tease followed and he wanted to grab Sally's heaving breasts, but alas couldn't as he was bound (naw..poor thing).  He had such a strong hard on while I played with his arse and Sally smothered him with her breasts, but my legs grew tired so I made him into a seat for myself and Sally dripped blood red candles on his chest.

I wanted to push his boundries so I forced him to help me tie Sally up in the swing and play with her Pussy and apply Clover Clamps to her nipples.  He was like a nervous rabbit! He was so gentle playing with Sally and in awe of her body that I took it upon myself to grip him from behind and force him to cum into my hand while we gazed at her.

We made a fabulous team.


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