29 Oct 2012

First 'Forced Fitness' event @ SPECTRUM

Sunday 28th October 2012

A small intimate turnout for Bootcamp Mistress @ SPECTRUM ment we could spend more “one on one” time Forcing Fitness onto our Athletic Kinksters.
We had varying levels of fitness from quite experienced through to first timers wearing outfits consisting of ‘head to toe” transformation to collars or just sporty attire.
Putting the Kinksters through their paces of high knees, skipping, lunges, squats, upper body and core work with body weight and Thero bands was all that bit more funner and challenging with a wee bit of B&D thrown in.
Irena did extremely well ,with her ’full’ outfit on and a chastity device attached.  Even though Charlotte found her steel collar a bit too heavy to run around with she did enjoy kicking up ‘her’ heels with her frou skirt on, as slave ‘A’ was given just a small taste of nipple tweaking and bottom spanking here and there.
The odd moan and groan was dismissed by Ms Silk and myself as we reminded them ‘that they wanted it’ and as a bonus Irena scored herself a nice treat of kissing Ms Silks’ perfect arse after ‘planking’ the longest during body core work.
A fun and healthy way to spend a Sunday afternoon, the first of many bent workouts!
Thank you everyone who attended for kicking off the first Forced Fitness event with BCM.


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