23 Mar 2011

Sydney Mistress and Chastity Slave – pause

My Chastity Slave arrived and I could tell he was excited and overwhelmed by so much activity going on around him.
After showering and changing into his pretty C/D clothes ‘She entered the room to greet us. As I was busy “She was taken in hand by Mistress Sylk to help dress another slave into pretty clothes. I eventually took off his CB3000 device and we cleaned the area throughly. The 2 French Domina teased her’ mercilessly, playing with her cock and taunting ‘her, nipple torture and hands up her skirt. She sat on a wooden box and tried not to come as the Mistresses played again with ‘her. As per my instruction ‘She was not allowed to come until the very end -By ME! ‘She got to play with all of the Mistresses but I knew ‘She was looking forward to having a good anal fucking and caning. I bent her over the table and inserted my gloved fingers into her tight arse eventually widening her so Mistress Cecile could insert a butt plug. I then took my largest dildo and fucked her hard with my strap on until she cried mercy. I then took her down stairs, bent her over the ‘Spanking Board’ where Mistress Tara started in on her Caning session – I took some time to Cane as well but Tara’s strokes did most of the damage to the poor slaves bum. Ending up on her kness with ‘M’ wanking and sucking her ‘she couldnt manage to come. Was she holding back and loving it and playing ‘up’ for the audience? Or was it genuinely difficult due to prior chastity? Hard to know.
She didnt get to cum – by the end of the day ‘her cock look red and inflamed. We decided to leave the CB300 off for a few days to let the cock recover. We only managed 30 Days of Chastity ;(

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