23 Mar 2011

Fem Domination: Slave Day Feb 4th 2011

Slave Day – Apprentice Dominatrix training, another brilliant day was had by all.
The 2 Foxy French Dommes’ Cecile and Sofia and equally Sexy Scottish Domme, Mistress Sylk made an interesting International day of BDSM headed by Mistress Tara and Mistress Anna on what was a ‘hot and steamy’ day already – and I don’t mean the weather!
Quite a few pretty CD’s, a Voyuer, Doggy Play, Caning, CBT, CP, Figging, Sounds and Strap On’s were just a few things happening on the scene – by the end of the day a few naughty slaves needed cooling off with a delicious Golden Shower.
How very Lucky Indeed :)
Many thanks to Rick in the Kitchen, who made us fabulous food to keep our energy up, Slavegirl “M” and Nick the houseboy.
..we can’t wait for Gender Bender’ next month!

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