23 Mar 2011

Corporate Christmas Party “Spankings for Naughty Pupils”

“The Creative Method” Christmas Party – “Spankings for naughty pupils”
And so was the theme for this year’s Christmas Party @” THE CREATIVE METHOD”‘
Naughty Pupils and colleagues were to found at Reservoir Street – milling around out of class, chewing gum, swearing, smoking, pashing, throwing rubbish and reading Porn!
As “Head Mistress Anna” I perused the area telling off naughty pupils left, right and center -but it was clear after a short while that I needed to get SERIOUS and “Senior Head Mistress Tara” arrived on the scene.
With naughty Slave School Girl “M’ in tow to be made an example of – we quickly found the leaders of the trouble – Tony, Jess and Pip and we went about punishing accordingly!
Spankings all around! OTK, Spanks on the hand, ear pulling, and the “Naughty Corner’ were all put to use as we pulled everyone into line.
Mistress Tara did have quite a bit of trouble from one stubborn girl with a fowl mouth but managed to subdue her – while I threatened a naughty boy using a water pistol with being made to relent or be my seat!
Much fun all around. The whole evening was a success!

Mistress Tara and I deal to the Pupils

Studio 10, Level 4
50 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills
(02) 8231 9977
Our Christmas Party Theme was Naughty 5th grade Pupils with Naughty Headmistresses. Mistress Anna, Mistress Tara and ‘M’ played the role exactly the way we all wanted. They engaged with our clients and were extremely professional.
They provided a very unique and interesting form of entertainment, we would be happy to invite them back to a similar event or more than happy to recommend them to anyone who was seeking this type of service whether it be small and private or large and commercial.


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