24 Mar 2011

Dominatrix’s Decadent “Sploshy Funday”

Wednesday 23rd March 2011

1) Latex Full Body Suit
2) 6 Inch, Strappy Patent Leather Heels
3) Proffiteroles, Tiramasu, Chocolate Mousse
4) Urethral Sounding, Sploshing, Anal Play
Round Two of “Sploshy Fundays” kicked off today.
My slave teetered precariously about in towering heels, looking hot, sleek and sexy in silky smooth black Latex.
An OTK Spanking followed Sounding, then onto some calorie laden Sploshing. Enough sugar to induce a massive rush and gain 5kg simultaneously through osmosis and sight alone.
As the blood sugar level evened out & the tempo quietened down, sensual Anal Play finished off our “Sploshy Funday”
PROFITEROLE:[C16: from French, literally: a small profit, (related to the gifts, etc, given to a servant) a small case of choux pastry with a sweet or savoury filling

"Drying Out" after a hard "Funday"

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