23 Mar 2011

Mistresses Sydney, Slave Day March 11

A bright an early start for this Sydney slave day in a secretly located, purpose built dungeon. A very special treat!
Mistress Tara, Raven, Silk and I were all at the ready when the first slaves started to arrive.
After being led in by slavegirl ‘M’, derobed and showered, one by one they huddled on the floor and introduced themselves before we proceeded.
Bondage, Caning, Flogging, Figging, Spanking and CBT started the day off!. Naughty slaves were made to suck on my 10 inch dildo or other slaves’ cocks…Steven, John, James and Russell got a chance to interact with each very closely, some were good at giving deep throated head – others needed some practice…again and again and again…;)
I made sure there was plenty of arse fucking with my dildo and Mistress Tara set about with her famous Needles…oowch!.
Mistress Silk gave many a good hard Figging while Mistress Raven fell upon unlikely slaves who needed a good professional Sounding.
Some experienced activities for the first time. I grabbed the opportunity to Fig, Sound, forced Bi Oral then Golden Shower, slave dave.
Chef’ Paul spoiled us by providing professional catering making sure none of us ‘starved to death’ ;) while slavegirl M seemed to be everywhere under our command making everything run smoothly.
Towards nightfall Mistress Tara and myself could be heard ‘shrieking’ with laughter and ‘squealing’ in delight as we dripped our poor slaves, James and Steven in hot wax.
Puny got a good cock and ball kicking as well as some unexpected twisted nipples (thanks Dee).
We were also blessed with the help from a beautiful, saucey maid Laura – teetering around in her tallest high heels cleaning up after all that shenannigans! And finally a grateful ‘shout out’ to houseboy ‘Nick” for the pre cleaning.
Another wonderful day. Many thanks to everyone who came, participated and helped make it all happen.
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