9 Jul 2014

Breaking Balls - The Chemistry of CBT presented by Mistress Anna

9th July 2014

Breaking Balls - CBT

A317This introduction to CBT (or Cock and Ball Torture) is a workshop to get people creative, stimulated and excited with health and safety at the forefront.
We will cover basic care, safety, cock ties, needles, pegs, the Humbler, spanking, whipping, ball busting and more! This is a hands-on workshop so you will have an opportunity to practice on your partner. There will be some of my own toys to peruse and I am able to supply some laces and pegs but by all means please bring your own along.
Great communication and negotiation is the key then it is left up to the Dominant to create a fantastic experience and the submissive to trust, feel secure and safe then release all inhibitions and allow the fantasy to unravel. Brace yourself and dive in!

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