25 Jan 2012

Femme Domme Fun (& a little frustration) with Sissy Slut

Wednesday 25th January 2012

Sissy Slut 'Michelle' came to visit today arriving at the door most INDISCREETLY dressed from head to toe in her C.D clothes!  The little old lady next door would've had a heart attack (had she been home) ;)..at least she was well put together in her dress sense, wig, dress, cardigan, stockings, boots, nails and a shoulder bag to match.

After a calm reprimand at her lack of judgement we proceeded with her 'retraining'.
She has been acting like a total slut with the local boys down at the pub.  I told her if she wants treated like that, then that is what I will do to her MY way and turn her into MY slut!

Bondage, Face Slapping, Man Pussy Trampling, Nipple Play and Spanking started the session. 
I decided that if the boys treated her like a dog, then I will really treat her like one.  I began leading her about on a leash and into the cage. I forced her to drink from my dog bowl while calling Nawa Chou on the phone to discuss how much of a Slut 'Michelle' really has been.

Anal play with my Strap On was how I decided to end today's training while I made her deep throat a Dildo...

Linda Lovelace would've been proud of my Michelle.

Now she's learning!


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