29 Sep 2014

D/s “Submit & Exercise” - Boot Camp Mistress @ The Gathering 2014

Monday 29th September 2014

A310Do you have to be forced to exercise?
Do you long to have someone strong motivate you to get the fitness results you want? The fitness results you NEED?
Are you desperately trying to squeeze yourself into latex Catsuits that are heaving at the seams?
Mistress Anna, can help change your life and the shape of your arse, with her unique no- nonsense approach designed to get genuine results!
Join Mistress Anna, "Boot Camp Mistress" for an intense hour of "slave Training & Fitness".
Slaves will be 'collared' for the duration and each receive a mat, towel and drink bottle to use during the class. Cock ties, nipple clamps, Spankings and the Whip will be used when necessary (or just because she feels like it).
Attention will be focused toward more D/s 'protocol' before, during and after the fitness class to better teach 'willing' participants the benefits of fitness, whilst in a D/s 'structured' circuit class.
For all those who need the motivation and "forced" submission to exercise for better health and well being.
A low impact, functional, effective circuit class, which integrates aerobic exercise, body weight strength, boxing, intervals and rope with an OPTIONAL sadistic edge but non negotiable protocol and exercise.
Boot Camp Mistress will push you physically based on your individual fitness levels and offers higher or lower options.
Not for scaredy cats or the faint hearted.

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