24 Jun 2014

Mistress Anna's Forced Fitness Boot Camp sessions

CLIENTS are put through their paces with a series of lunges, jumps and squats. The routines are gruelling and are enough to reduce most to tears.
This is no ordinary boot camp, this is hard-core training with a big difference.
Dominatrix Mistress Anna runs a fetish fitness boot camp for the BDSM — bondage and discipline (BD), dominance and submission (DS), sadism and masochism (SM) — community in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo.
For Mistress Anna, who has worked in the adult industry for more than 10 years and been a professional dominatrix for the past five, it is all about promoting health and fitness.
The Sydney-based woman, who also has a background in beauty therapy and health wanted to combine all her interests into the one business.
So two years ago she created a new business, The Rose Centre, where she runs a Forced Fitness Fetish Boot Camp.
To her, boot camp is seen as painful and tough work so adding BDSM was a “natural progression”.
Mistress Anna runs small classes where the emphasis is on getting fit and having fun.
Mistress Anna runs small classes where the emphasis is on getting fit and having fun. Source: SBS
Her classes begin with standard boot camp exercises — but with a difference.
Clients are forced to kneel while they tell her their misdemeanours.
They then perform a series of push ups while they are slapped or she sits on their laps as they perform tricep dips.
Other exercises involve clients using the rowing machine while attached to a nipple clamp, or a drill where the men squat with weights attached to certain areas of their bodies.
Mistress Anna said adding BDSM to her boot camp was a “natural progression”.
Mistress Anna said adding BDSM to her boot camp was a “natural progression”. Source: SBS
And while there is a focus on kink, she tells her clients if it’s not on the menu then don’t order it. She said she never performs something she’s not comfortable with and would never do something just for the money.
“Some people might be OK with that, but that’s not fun and I don’t do those things even if offered extra money,” she said. “That takes the fun out of it.”
She won’t have smelly feet, smoke or hold cigarettes for any client and insists her classes focus on fitness and are not about sex.
Mistress Anna told news.com.au her workouts might be painful but they were fun.
“If they do a good job they get a caning,” she said. “If they do a bad job they get a caning.”
Patrick Abboud from SBS TV’s The Feed joined a class which was attended by a bikie cross dresser, an IT professional in bondage, and an engineer in a nappy.
Until now two of the men had kept their fetishes a secret.
“It was an eye opener to say the least but these guys are genuinely interested in getting fit and enjoying their fetish at the same time,” Abboud told news.com.au.
“It was clear from the outset that Mistress Anna is really passionate about helping them achieve their goals.
“I’ve never seen anything like it. I was really blown away by their personal stories and humbled that they decided to share so much with me”.
Mistress Anna said her clients ranged from married men with grown up children, to IT workers, cross dressers and younger guys.
Mistress Anna, a former escort, said a friend recommended she try dominatrix work because it “suited her personality”.
She said it was where she “grew as a sexually dominant woman”.
Inside a fetish fitness bootcamp airs on The Feed tonight at 7.30pm on SBS2.
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