29 Apr 2013

Sydney Mistress enjoys morning tea with Canberra Foot slave @ Swiss Grand

Friday 26th April 2013
It was very lovely to visit my Foot slave at The Swiss Grand for morning tea, but because of his (non) attire and eating arrangement we thought it best stay in his room.
I relaxed with a drink while we chatted, before starting to get into some more serious Foot Play.  The usual Worship, Smothering, Trampling, Face Slapping and Spitting to start us off..

 I decided to let slave have his choice of a morning tea snack,  he chose a healthy museli bar.  I promptly squashed it underneath my heels and laid it onto my bare foot for him to eat it from, then decided that slave must need to wash it down with a Golden Shower.

 Finishing the session with Body Kicking and Over The Knee Spanking, we had a lovely time!
 I want him to remember his special trip to Sydney...dont I? ;)

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