18 Dec 2011

Sydney Mistress & Newcastle slave: Corporate Boss/Employee

Monday 12th December 2011

Employee 'Gary' was sent to  my 'office' in Newcastle for assessment this evening following reports of public annoyance, inappropriate sexual behaviour and a downturn in financial figures.

He came bearing gifts of beautiful scarves to cool my temper.

He lied about his behaviour when questioned and was stunned when video footage revealed the truth.
He got down on his knees and pleaded for mercy to keep his job.
I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.  I gagged him with one of his scarves to quieten his cries, tied up his wrists and feet, spanked his arse & cock then wanked him and forced him to orgasm into a scarf.
As I tried to untie him he cried out again so I jammed the soiled scarf into his mouth while I went about filing my paperwork.

After a time, I freed him and sent him on his way with threats of his job if this punshment became public knowledge. 
His next assessment will be far worse if I have any more complaints.


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